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    Presenting your products to your target customers in the retail marketplace is essential to attract more customers and make them decide to buy your products. Effective product display lets you communicate with your customers and influence their purchase decisions. Custom display boxes are popular among goods brands for holding products that are placed on retail countertops and shelves for effective product presentation among many other products by different brands in your competition. We offer premium quality, eye-grabbing, and uniquely designed product display boxes that set your products apart from the rest and shine your branded items on the shelves of the product store. Our experienced professionals are highly experienced in the packaging boxes product field and know the recent design trends in the market that can influence customers' buying behaviour. Consequently, they create striking and different-looking display box packaging for your company products that play an essential role in drawing customers' attention to your brand, which leads to a boost in your sales in the highly competitive retail market.

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    Enchanting Custom Display Boxes For Product Marketing

    Displaying products at the retail store shelves is essential for renowned and new brands to increase their market sales. By creating professional custom boxes for product showcase purposes, you can separate your company’s retail products from others, spread your company awareness in the market and grow your sales. By creating custom display boxes, you can get a high ranking and stand out among many other brands in your competition.

    Product display boxes are similar to folding cartons that come with tuck flaps that help close the box. Designers add perforated lines to these boxes that are easy to tear away, converting the product display box into a captivating counter display packaging. PremiumCustomBoxes provides you with the best packaging boxes for your product display purpose that attract more customers to your brand, urging them to make an instant purchase.

    Different Types Of Product Display Boxes

    There are different types of display product boxes that you can create using various designs, sizes, styles, and shapes according to your products and their specifications. Some of the top types of custom presentation boxes are as follows that you can design for different product display purposes:

    • Roll Side Tray For Display
    • Angled Roll Side Tray
    • Half Slotted Container
    • Tuck Top Gravity Feed
    • Roll End Tray (RET)
    • Display Box (With Dust Flaps)
    • Display Box (Without Dust Flaps)
    • Machine-Packed Display Box 
    • Pop-Up Display Boxes
    • Flip Out Dispenser Style Box

    The selection of these products depends on the product type, its packaging, and the requirements for showcasing the product on retail store shelves. At PCB, we offer the best consumer goods display boxes in Canada at wholesale prices and with fast turnaround.

    Prime Features Of Our Custom Display Packaging Boxes

    By creating professional retail display boxes, you can set your products apart from the rest of the competition. PremiumCustomBoxes creates premium standard product display box packaging that has many advantageous features and plays a role in the business’s success, thereby increasing sales for product seller brands. Some of the top prominent and mentionable features are as follows:

    1.. Highly Sturdy And Durable Box Material

    Protecting the product is the central role of any type of packaging. By using durable materials to create display boxes, you can provide the required level of protection for products. All the renowned brands prefer to use durable and sturdy paper-made boxes that are highly strong to protect the product from internal and external damaging factors that can change the quality of the product.

    Some of these harmful factors are poor product handling, improper product storage systems, internal clashes of products, shocks during the shipping process, and environmental factors such as moisture, sunshine, extensive heat, exposure to open air, and dust. Cardboard is highly durable and highly used, and it is the perfect packaging material for creating product showcase packaging. Using custom cardboard display boxes, you can give your customers a good experience and urge them to try your products.

    2.. Sustainable And Recyclable Product Boxes

    Green packaging is a focus of most of the top brands in the product manufacturing industries worldwide due to its high demand in the market. Brands and customers know the importance of using sustainable packaging boxes, which protect our planet from pollutant elements that can damage the environment.

    Cardboard-made custom display boxes are eco-friendly and don’t add toxic elements to our environment. That way, you can satisfy your eco-conscious customers and increase your brand’s value in their minds. In addition, all the paper materials are nature-friendly, making them the best option for creating wholesale display packaging boxes for your branded products.

    3.. Ideal Box Customization For Better Display

    By designing bespoke countertop boxes, you can professionally promote your product in the highly competitive market. You can make product boxes using any size, style, material, colour scheme, theme, essential details printing, box finishes, and add-ons. After taking the right dimensions of the product, you can create professional boxes for your products.

    For instance, you can create custom dispenser boxes for presentation products at stores’ counters that help customers pick the product from inside the box by unboxing it. On-the-counter sachet product boxes are examples of these boxes made with dispenser style. PCB offers the best custom boxes for product display with catchy and unique designs at economical costs across Canada.

    4.. Captivating Display Box Designs For Buyers

    Customers always prefer to buy those products that impress customers with the enticing appearance of their packaging. So, if you want to set your products aside from other brands’ same or similar products, you must use an innovative box design approach to draw your target customers’ attention to your brand.

    By creating cardboard counter display boxes with the latest design techniques trending in the market, you can promote your products and get more sales for your business. Our experienced packaging experts create impeccable packaging for your display boxes. Consequently, these boxes outshine your products in the retail product outlets, among many other products.

    5.. Quality Printing And Essential Information

    By designing custom display boxes with the latest printing technology, you can better showcase your branded items to your target customer base in the high competition among consumer product brands. Offset lithography, flexography, screen printing, and digital printing are the most used printing methods in the product packaging industry. In addition, offset litho printing is the perfect choice for creating custom printed retail boxes in bulk quantity with premium quality results.

    Offset printing is costly compared to digital printing. It is suitable for creating custom boxes for product presentation and easy promotion, among many other branded items placed at the retail stores’ counters and shelves. The CMYK colour process is suitable for digital printing. On the other hand, the PMS (Pantone) colour system is perfect for offset printing. Furthermore, by adding essential details about your products and brand, you can educate your customers and liaise well with your target customers.

    That way, you can create wholesale display packaging boxes for your products that work as a bridge and help you communicate with your target customers in the competitive product market. We offer top-quality boxes for your product marketing purposes that are essential to your fast business growth. If you need a professional product box for your effective branding, PCB is the best platform for you to contact with.

    6.. Fascinating & Functional Finishes & Add-Ons

    After the primary production of your custom packaging boxes for your brand’s products, you can add additional details to enhance their effectiveness, protection, and functionality. Box finishes not only protect the product from dust, scratches, moisture, air exposure, heat, or sunshine but also make them lucrative for all the onlookers in the retail marketplace. Some of the most popular finishes are as follows: enhance the value of your product and the brand:

    • Matte lamination
    • Glossy lamination
    • Soft touch lamination
    • Anti-scratch lamination
    • Spot UV finish
    • AQ coating
    • Varnish coating
    • Satin finish

    You can use any of these finishes to design your product boxes for product showcase purposes and impress your target customers with your professional product presentation at retail stores’ countertops. In addition, you can also improve the functionality of your product boxes by utilizing these add-on features:

    • Gold Foil finish
    • Silver foil finish
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Texturing
    • Die cuts
    • PVC windows
    • Inserts & dividers

    By creating window display boxes, you can allow your customers to see the product’s condition from inside the box without opening it. That way, you can give your customers a happy user experience and make them consider you a caring brand in the highly crowded product market.

    Why Choose Us?

    PremiumCustomBoxes is one of Canada’s top wholesale packaging suppliers of custom display boxes. We have many years of experience in the packaging industry and many clients who are happy with our professional and cost-effective packaging solutions. Our satisfied clients also refer us to others for better display box design orders. Our expert packaging experts are well-familiar with the latest box design trends in the market and create enchanting and unique boxes for your product display that set you apart from the rest. In addition, we offer free custom design service, 24/7 customer support, and fast and free shipping of boxes across Canada.

    Design your own display box by using our online and easy-to-use application. Place an order now without wasting your valuable time.

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