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    Durable And Uniquely Designed Custom Food Boxes

    The food industry is one of the top-grossing industries on the globe. Many edibles are available in the market in the form of solid, liquid, and powder. All these products have specific cooking and preparation methods, delicacy levels, structure, health impacts, nutrition components, volume, weight, price, and packaging demand. Renowned food brands create custom food boxes considering their product specifications. 

    At PremiumCustomBoxes, we offer food boxes packaging to our client food chains with their preferred design preference that protects the product in the box and impresses customers with their catchy appearance. Our experts transform your ideal design for food boxes into a reality that sets your products apart from others and shines them at retail food stores.

    Types Of Food Products And Their Specific Packaging

    There’s a large variety of edible products in the food marketplace that come in differently customized food box packaging. Some of the top food product boxes types are as follows:

    • Sausage Boxes
    • Pizza Slice Boxes
    • Custom Pizza Boxes
    • Ice Cream Boxes
    • Frozen Food Boxes
    • Food Tray Box
    • Junk Food Boxes
    • Chinese Food Boxes
    • Truffle Boxes
    • Tea Boxes
    • Popcorn Boxes
    • Pie Boxes
    • Pastry Boxes
    • Noodle Boxes
    • Muffin Boxes
    • Macaron Boxes
    • Donut Boxes
    • Cookie Boxes
    • Coffee Boxes
    • Candy Boxes
    • Cake Boxes

    All the above boxes are crafted in different designs that are fit for the product. By taking the proper measurements of the products and considering their specific structure, you can create perfect boxes for your edible items.

    Unique Features Of Our Bespke Food Boxes

    Our highly qualified and experienced experts create top-notch quality custom food boxes as per your design demand, considering your budget limitations. They know the latest box design trends in the competitive food packaging market and create outclass boxes for your products. Consequently, these boxes distinguish your branded foods from other brands in your competition.

    Below are some of the top features of our customized wholesale food cartons that help attract new customers and retain old consumers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing product sales in the highly competitive food market:

    1.. Food-Grade, Durable & Green Material

    Choosing suitable product packaging materials is essential for brands to provide the required protection to products. Using durable and protective packaging ensures the product’s safety during storage, handling, and shipping. All the food products are delicate and require highly protective packaging. We offer food-grade and durable packaging for food products that keeps the product safe from internal and external factors that can harm the quality of the product.

    Consequently, these materials keep the product safe from being spoiled, full of taste and fresh in the packaging box. Below are some of the most popular materials for creating edible product boxes:

    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Kraft Paper
    • Corrugated Board
    • Sustainable Bux Board

    Kraft and cardboard are highly used materials for creating frozen food boxes that are made of paper stocks. Moreover, Kraft food boxes are durable, cost-efficient, readily available in the market, and sustainable, which makes them best for all food brands, whether they are rich or have a low budget for their packaging solutions.

    Cardboard and corrugated fiberboard are used to package various typical edibles as well as fast food products such as burgers, pizzas, pizza slices, pastries, etc. Bux board is recycled cardboard material that is also durable like other paper stocks and is used to package french fries and lightweight food products as a temporary and disposable food packaging option among food brands.

    In addition, all the paper-made food boxes are eco-friendly and don’t add pollutant elements to the environment, making the ecosystem healthy for all living beings. Food customers are now most educated about the enormous benefits of using nature-friendly packaging that decomposes into the soil after some weeks of being disposed of in the soil/landfills.

    We create premium quality and durable takeaway food boxes that ensure safe product delivery to the customers’ doorsteps. PCB is the perfect platform for designing economical custom frozen food packaging in the era of high inflation in the worldwide packaging industry.

    2.. Quality Customization Of Food Boxes

    The customization of food product boxes is essential not only for product protection but also for attracting customers to the product. You can design your custom food boxes wholesale with logo of your brand to set your branded products apart from the rest in the market and help people find you in the crowd of many brands. In addition, you can create custom boxes for your food products using any box design theme, material, size, shape, durability level of the box, colour schemes, printing of the information, box finishes, and several features to add value to your products and making them more functional for your buyers.

    By using appropriate box styles you can make your product boxes convenient to use for people who buy your products. Here are some of the top box styles that you can use for your food boxes:

    • Double wall food boxes with display lid
    • Auto bottom food boxes with display lid
    • Food counter display boxes
    • 1-2-3 bottom closure food boxes
    • Triangular shape boxes
    • Rectangular shape boxes
    • Custom gable boxes
    • Sleeve boxes for foods
    • Two piece boxes for foods
    • Clamshell food boxes
    • And many other opening styles for boxes

    The selection of the above box styles depends on your choice and the specification of the product you are designing custom boxes for.

    3.. Eye-Catching Custom Printed Food Boxes

    You can create printed boxes for food products by using any suitable design, the theme of colours, product information, images, company logo, essential textual and visual details, and printing technology. Furthermore, you can design custom printed takeout boxes by adding product ingredients, instructions to use the product, nutrition information, and brand-related details to communicate with your customers and strengthen the relationship with your target clients making them loyal to your brand.

    Consequently, these details help you in making customers consider you a professional brand that cares about its customers. We, at PremiumCustomBoxes, use the latest printing machines and modern digital and offest litho techniques to print your custom designed food boxes that make your product boxes for food product look professional to all the onlookers at the food shop.

    4.. Distinctive And Appealing Food Box Design

    Customers always prefer to buy those products that impress them with their befitting packaging, catchy designs, and functionality of the product carton. By adding beautifying elements to the box you can satisfy and attract customers to your branded products. For instance, if you use a unique box design on custom food packaging boxes with logo of your brand, you can draw your target customers’ attention to your products and set your products apart from the rest. Moreover, our experienced professionals are well-skilled to create outstanding and unique boxes for your food items. They use trendy box designs that are popular in the food packaging market.

    5.. Protective & Functional Embellishments

    After the basic production of food product packaging boxes, you can add essential features to these boxes to make them more functional and captivating for your target customers. These are some of the top features that not only protect the product from damaging environmental factors, such as moisture, scratches, extensive temperature, and sunlight but also give an enticing outlook to the custom packaging boxes for foods:

    • Glossy lamination
    • Matte lamination
    • Metalized gold foiling
    • Metalized silver foiling
    • Aqueous coating
    • Spot UV coating
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Window patching
    • Inserts and dividers
    • Artworks for food gift boxes

    The selection of the above details depends on your design choice, product, and your budget. 

    Why Should You Partner With Us For Better Packaging Results?

    PremiumCustomBoxes is one of the best packaging companies in all cities of Canada. We have highly qualified and experienced packaging engineers in our team who create compelling and professional boxes for your food products. PCB offers free of cost shipping of your food packaging boxes orders and doesn’t have any policy of additional charges such as die and plate fees. If you need professional sustainable custom food boxes at an eco-economic cost, we are the perfect packaging partner for your food brand.

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