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    Custom Burger Boxes

    The fast food industry is one of the top sub-food industries worldwide. Burgers are the most popular and sold junk food items that come in food-grade packaging that keeps them fresh, hot, and delicious, and safeguards their attractive aroma. Fast food chains create and use custom burger boxes that provide the required level of protection for these delicate products and attract customers with their catchy box designs. Paper materials such as Kraft and cardboard are used to create burger packaging boxes that are easily available in the market, cost-effective, and eco-friendly making them the best packaging option for burger box packaging. PremiumCustomBoxes provides durable and professional packaging solutions for burger boxes that are non-toxic to the environment and play a key role in creating a healthy ecosystem. Our expert packaging designers use innovative designs trending in the market and make your products unique for your target customer base. We offer non-stop client online chat support, free custom designs, and free delivery of personalized burger wholesale boxes. Place an order now!

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    Premium-Standard Custom Burger Boxes Wholesale Packaging

    The fast food industry is one of the top industries in the world. A large number of people love to eat junk food due to its fast preparation method and delicious taste. These products are presented as fresh and hot to customers. All fast food products are delicate in nature and need durable packaging. Burgers are highly popular junk food products all over the globe that come in different varieties and are packed in specific packaging boxes. We create custom burger boxes as a perfect packaging solution for this Italian-based delicate food product. PremiumCustomBoxes is the perfect burger packaging supplier that provides economical and durable boxes to its clients.

    Different Types Of Burgers Sold In The USA States

    There’s a large variety of burgers that come in different variety of sizes and ingredients that people from different parts of the world love to relish and eat. Here are some of the top types of burgers that are commonly sold in the different states of the United States and packed in specific durable packaging boxes:

    • Steamed Cheeseburger from Connecticut
    • San Antonio Bean Burger from Texas
    • Green Chile Cheese Burgers from New Mexico
    • Loose Meat Sandwich Burger from Lowa
    • Onion Burgers from Oklahoma
    • Butter Burgers from Wisconsin
    • Frita Cubana from Florida
    • Juicy Lucies from Minnesota

    Advantages Of Using Custom Burger Boxes Made By PCB

    Our experts and highly experienced team of packaging designers create personalized burger boxes according to your desired packaging design ideas remaining within your company budget for creating custom made boxes for burgers. Burger brands can get many benefits by using our designed burger boxes and increase their customers in the competitive convenience food market. Below are some of the top benefits that you can get by utilizing the customized burger boxes:

    1.. Food-Grade & Sustainable Boxes For Buyers’ Satisfaction

    The right choice of packaging material for products is essential for a brand to ensure product safety in the carton/box. All the delicate food products that are presented fresh to customers need durable and food-grade packaging which keeps the product hot, full of taste, and protects the product from benign spoiled due to external damaging factors. Paper materials such as kraft and cardboard are highly popular stocks for creating fast food packaging.

    We create custom burger boxes with highly protective carstocks that are perfect for packaging burger food products. Kraft burger boxes are a highly used packaging solution for low-budget brands. In addition, all these packaging materials are made of paper pulp that is biodegradable and sustainable and can be recycled after the first time usage. That way eco-conscious customers prefer to buy your products due to using green packaging for your burgers.

    2.. Easy To Personalized Boxes In Unique & Catchy Designs

    You can customize your burger box packaging in any design, shape, size, and style that is suitable for you. Cardboard burger boxes are easy to personalize in different designs according to your desired design preferences. Our expert packaging designers create premium quality custom burger packaging boxes with logo of the brand using the latest and trending designs in the market that make your product boxes look unique and striking to onlookers. That way these boxes help attract more new customers to your brand, increase buyers, boost sales, and provide a memorable and good experience to your product consumers. At PCB, we create prime standard boxes with professional customization according to the specifications and packaging demands of delicate junk food products.

    3.. Latest Printing Techniques & Key Details On Printed Boxes

    We create the best custom burger boxes wholesale packaging by using new printer machines and modern printing technology making us the perfect packaging partner for your brand. Digital and offset lithography are the popular techniques for creating custom printed burger boxes. In digital printing, the CMYK colour system is used. On the other hand, the offset litho printing method uses a PMS (Pantone) colour system. Furthermore, you can print on the box’s surface essential details about your brand and the product.

    4.. Quality & Captivating Finishes & Addons On Junk Food Boxes

    After the basic product box design, we use catchy finishes on the customized burger boxes that improve their appearance and protect the delicate product from moisture, dust, sunshine, extensive heat, weather impacts and other damaging factors that can negatively change the quality of the edible fast food product – burger. We create custom packaging boxes for burgers by using these details:

    • Logo Embossing
    • Logo Debossing
    • Spot UV coating
    • Hot Foil Stamping
    • Matte Lamination
    • Gloss Lamination

    These finishes make the convenience food product boxes look striking and captivating to onlookers and positively impact the customers’ buying decisions. Moreover, you can add handles to these boxes to make it convenient for customers to carry them to their doorsteps. To make your burger boxes look more unique and distinct from other brands’ fast food packaging, you also can add sauce compartments, and ventilation to preserve the quality of the fast food product.

    Why Choose Us For Your Burger Packaging Designing?

    PremiumCustomBoxes offers its fast food brand clients implacable and flawless custom burger boxes that are made of durable cardstock and paperboard materials. Our professional packaging designers have great experience in the packaging industry and are also well-familiar with the latest design trends in the competitive food packaging market.

    Consequently, they create premium standard boxes for delicate burgers using unique and captivating designs that impress customers and urge them to make an instant purchase. In addition, we also don’t charge extra fees and there’s no policy of additional charges for custom dies and extra colour plates.

    We also offer free custom design support to our clients and free shipping at their doorsteps. Are you a burger brand and want to get the best packaging solution for your branded burgers? We are the best choice for you to become your custom packaging partners. Place an order now to get the best boxes for your burgers and take your brand to new heights of growth. For more information, contact our representatives via email address, phone number, or our non-stop online client support chat.

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