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    Create Enchanting Custom Retail Boxes 

    We see many products in the retail market that come in solid, powder, and liquid forms and have different uses. All the products have their specific nature, fragility, dimensions, shape, and weight with a particular packaging demand. You can create custom packaging boxes for your consumer products considering these details and according to your desired box design ideas. PremiumCustomBoxes (PCB) provides premium-quality custom retail boxes that are highly durable to protect the product from internal and external factors that can damage its quality. In addition, these product boxes help attract your customers to your branded products. Get free box design service and costless delivery of retail boxes in Canada by PCB.

    Some Types Of Retail Products

    Several retail items are available in the market for different uses and come in specific packaging. Some of the top retail goods are as follows:

    • Custom Cereal Boxes
    • Custom Chocolate Boxes
    • Custom Cosmetic Boxes
    • Custom Display Boxes
    • Custom E-Liquid Boxes
    • Custom Cigarette Boxes
    • Custom Medicine Boxes
    • Custom Electronic Boxes
    • Custom Food Boxes
    • Custom Candy Boxes
    • Custom Apparel Boxes
    • Custom Shoes Boxes
    • Custom Hat Boxes
    • Custom Toy Boxes
    • Custom Candle Boxes
    • Artificial Jewellery Boxes

    All these consumer product packaging boxes are made in different designs depending on the characteristics of the product. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global retail-ready packaging market is expected to reach $125.19 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.04%.

    Pivotal Features Of Our Customized Retail Boxes

    We have experienced professional retail boxes packaging designers who create superior-quality boxes that help set you apart from the rest and shine your products on the retail stores’ shelves. Below are some of the mentionable and remarkable features of our customized retail boxes:

    1.. Durable Material For Product Protection

    Protecting products from various external and internal damaging elements is the primary purpose of the packaging. If you use durable packaging stocks for creating goods boxes, you can protect your products and ensure safe delivery of products into your end customer’s hands. Paper materials are the best product packaging material choice for brands. Consequently, they are highly durable to protect the product from poor handling, environmental factors, and mishaps during shipping. Kraft retail boxes are highly popular for packaging a large variety of consumer products.

    Below are the types of typical paper materials for creating custom retail packaging boxes for various products:

    • Kraft Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated Board
    • Rigid Material
    • Bux Board

    All the above materials are used to create boxes for various products depending on their specifications and level of delicacy.

    Kraft & Cardboard

    Kraft and cardboard boxes are highly utilized for encasing lightweight products that can be customized easily into any design according to the product packaging demand. Cardboard is more expensive than Kraft paper stock, allowing quality printing on the box’s surface. Consequently, these cardstocks are the perfect packaging solution for food products that protect fresh edibles in the box and keep their taste unchanged for an extended period.

    Corrugated Fiberboard

    Brands use corrugated material to create goods shipping boxes to deliver products to any distance. Corrugated boxes are easy to personalize in any design and strength level depending on the product’s nature and the shipping distance. 

    Sturdy Rigid Material

    It’s the most durable and sturdy material used for packaging sensitive, luxurious, delicate, and expensive products that need high protection from internal and external damaging factors. It is the perfect packaging solution for creating custom gift boxes.

    Bux Board Material

    Bux board boxes are made of recycled cardboard material. Consequently, these boxes are used for packaging lightweight products, shipped flat, and are the most cost-effective packaging stock choice compared to cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and Kraft. In addition, they are almost as durable as cardboard.

    2.. Perfect Customization Of The Box Design

    Customizing the product cartons is key to giving your product boxes an enticing appearance and setting your branded items apart from others in the competitive consumer goods market. You can create custom retail boxes wholesale packaging using any box material, pattern design, size, shape, color scheme, printing, finishes, and add-ons as per your own preference. You can use a handy box opening style to help customers easily unbox the product. There are several box style options that you can use for your product box design. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Sleeve boxes
    • Reverse tuck boxes
    • Straight tuck boxes
    • Gable boxes
    • Mailer boxes
    • Pillow boxes
    • Snap Lock Bottom Boxes
    • Auto Bottom Boxes
    • Hang Tab Boxes
    • Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes
    • Collapsible Rigid Boxes

    We have a large library of box styles, and you can choose any one that suits your product. Roll End Front Tuck (REFT) retail boxes with dust flaps are highly popular for packaging various products. For creating bespoke gift product boxes you can use additional artwork to beautify your custom product boxes to satisfy and please recipients.

    3.. Green Packaging For Environmental Safety

    Sustainability is the main focus point for all the renowned retail product brands. They use nature-friendly packaging boxes for their products due to their enormous benefits for our planet. In addition, customers are more educated nowadays about the endless advantages of using green packaging that is non-toxic to the environment and keeps the ecosystem safe from pollutant elements.

    Consequently, these elements negatively impact nature and harm the health of all living beings. At PCB, we create custom cardboard boxes for packaging a large variety of consumer products that are made of paper stocks and eco-friendly, making them the best option for retail packaging.

    4.. Unique And Eye-Grabbing Retail Packaging

    Customers prefer buying those products that come in captivating and striking packaging that look different from other products placed on retail store shelves. You can design your product packaging boxes in any design that is trending in the market to make your product stand out in the crowded retail consumer goods marketplace.

    PremiumCustomBoxes offers unique and catchy custom retail boxes with logo of your brand that not only attract customers to your products but also look professional on looking at them. Moreover, these boxes help customers find you in the crowded product store/outlet and buy your brand’s products without any inconvenience.

    5.. Printed Retail Boxes With Essential Details

    We create professional custom printed retail boxes with the addition of essential details that educate customers about the product and the brand. These details help spread brand awareness among people and create a good liaison between users and the company. 

    Consequently, these details include the product’s name, product use directions, warnings and cautions, brand stories, memorable quotes, promotional information, and sustainability taglines. Custom boxes with logo of your brand set you apart from others and assist buyers in finding you in the market. 

    6.. Suitable Box Finishes And Add-On Features

    After the primary production of product folding cartons, you can add catchy and unique finishes that protect the product and its box from moisture, dust, scratches, heat, and sunlight, which can harm the product’s quality. In addition, these captivating boxes provide an enticing outlook on your products and attract more customers to your brands to make an instant purchase. Consequently, these finishes include glossy lamination, matte lamination, AQ coating, Spot UV finish, hot stamp foiling, varnish coating, embossing, debossing, and other embellishments.

    Furthermore, you can create custom retail boxes with window features that allow customers to see the product from the inside area of the box. It helps them decide to buy the product or ignore it. Using transparent PVC windows makes your customers consider you a customer-caring brand. Moreover, you also can use raised ink, special die-cuts, custom inserts, custom dividers, and handle features to enhance the productivity of retail boxes.

    Why Choose PCB For Your Quality Retail Packaging

    PremiumCustomMarket is one of the best retail packaging box providers in Canada. We offer our client brands free design support, fast turnaround, free shipping, and cost-effective packaging solutions if you want to get the best custom boxes for your products at economical prices, with enchanting designs, fast turnaround, and free shipping in Canada.

    Click here to design your own box online and place an instant order for custom designed retail wholesale boxes.



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