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    PremiumCustomBoxes specialises in manufacturing custom corrugated boxes that are a perfect addition to your brand. Whether you are running a logistics company or you need to pack products for an e-commerce shop. We offer a wide range of corrugated packaging boxes that help you transit your delicate to heavy items with optimal protection. You can even utilise our online design facility to decorate your boxes as per your brand’s specifications.  We have a huge range of packaging at your disposal that includes wholesale and custom printed options too. From now you do not have to be worried about the look and safety of your items as our packaging will sufficiently do that for you. Contact our customer care representative and see what other options we have for your brand.

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    Highly Durable Custom Corrugated Boxes For Product Shipping

    The main purpose of packaging materials is to provide extensive protection to products to ensure safe delivery to the hands of target customers. All the renowned product brands focus on the production of highly durable and strong packaging boxes for goods shipping purposes. Custom corrugated boxes are the best packaging containers that provide an extensive level of safety and security to normal as well as delicate products.

    You can create custom shopping boxes using that material as per your own design ideas using our online design application free of cost, which is convenient for users. PremiumCustomBoxes provides premium quality and highly robust product shipping containers made with corrugated fiberboard, keeping the product’s characteristics, nature, and required strength level of the box. Order at PCBto get free custom box design services with fast turnaround time and 24/7 customer online chat support.

    What Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?

    All the brands want to deliver their products safely to their target destinations. For that purpose, they need durable and protective packaging that can protect the product during handling, storage, and shipping. The corrugated box is made of corrugated sheets made of cardboard, Kraft paper, or both, and the corrugation process. It is a cost-effective as well as durable packaging solution for product shipping to any location.

    Corrugated boards are available in the market in some categories that are different in their strength level and are used for packaging and shipping different products. The main difference between corrugated fiberboard and cardboard material is flutes and multiple numbers of corrugated walls that make corrugated stronger than cardboard. With us, you can create wholesale corrugated boxes for your product packaging, considering their nature and required level of strength during the transit process.

    Types Of Corrugated Boards

    Corrugated boards are available in the market in some categories that are different in their strength level and are used for packaging and shipping various products. The main difference between corrugated fiberboard and cardboard material is flutes and multiple numbers of corrugated walls that make corrugated stronger than cardboard. With us, you can create wholesale corrugated boxes for your product packaging, considering their nature and required level of strength during the transit process.

    Below are some of the most popular types of corrugated cardboard material:

    • Single phase/ single face box: single flute and 1-2 linear boards
    • Single wall corrugated box: single flute and 2 sheets of linear board
    • Double-wall corrugated box: two layers of flute and 3 linear board sheets
    • Triple wall corrugated box: three layers of flute and 4 sheets of linear board

    These product boxes are different in terms of their strength level and suitability for packaging and delivering different types of products.

    Sizes Of Corrugated Flute 

    The corrugated board flutes have many types, such as A Flute, B Flute, C Flute, E Flute, and F Flute, which make them stronger according to the flute types. The flute is the most popular and frequently used by brands to create shipping cartons.

    Key Features Of Our Bespoke Corrugated Packaging Boxes 

    Corrugated box packaging is the one-stop solution to transport heavyweight and delicate items to long distances with full security. PremiumCustomBoxes creates premium quality corrugated boxes for shipping different types of products. Our experienced professional box designers customize the corrugated board according to the sensitivity and the weight of the product, considering the duration of shipping the product to any specific destination.

    Here are some of the top features of our professionally designed corrugated boxes that make us the best packaging partner for you:

    1.. High Level Of Protection During Delivery

    To ensure safe delivery of products to any distance, choosing the right cardboard material is a daunting task for businesses. If you are shipping delicate items, food items, or merchandise, choosing the right corrugated fiberboard is essential to satisfy your customers. Moreover, these boxes are the perfect packaging option to safely package bakery items, pharmaceuticals, confectionaries, cosmetics, pizza, foods, coffee, tea, electronic devices and accessories, and many more consumer products. In addition, e-commerce brands also use corrugated cardboard-made custom mailer boxes to deliver their products to the customer’s doorsteps. You can get custom corrugated boxes in Canada with a fast turnaround and free shipping facility.

    2.. 100% Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Boxes

    The right choice of packaging materials is essential for brands to satisfy their clients and get a significant rank in the competitive product marketplace. By using paper-based corrugated boxes wholesale packaging for product shipping and retail packaging, you can play a key role in nature protection. Sustainability has become one of the most important focus points of product brands due to the rise in demand for eco-friendly packaging products among customers. People are now more eco-conscious and know the key role of paper-made materials in protecting our environment from highly increasing environmental pollution.

    3.. Perfect Customization Of Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated boxes can be customized in any design, shape, structure, style, and printing, with additional features according to the product specifications, packaging requirements, and the distance of the shipment. You can create custom-sized corrugated boxes after taking the right dimensions of the product to ensure the design of the product fits and the boxes are secured. Below are some of the top box styles of corrugated boxes that are suitable for different types of products.

    • Tab Lock Roll End Corrugated Box
    • Self-Locking Corrugated Folder Box
    • Full Slotted Container
    • Half Slotted Container
    • Overlap Slotted Container
    • Full Overlap Slotted Container
    • Center Special Slotted Container
    • Corrugated Book Wrap Mailers
    • One Piece Corrugated Mailer Box
    • Auto Bottom Slotted Container
    • 1-2-3 Bottom Slotted Container
    • Corrugated Slotted Container
    • Corrugated Gusset Folder Box
    • Corrugated Reverse Tuck End Box
    • Tuck Top Auto Bottom
    • Tuck Top 1-2-3 Bottom
    • Roll End Box With Lids
    • Roll End 3 Flap Lock Corrugated Box
    • Roll End Tuck Front Corrugated Box
    • Roll End Tuck Top Corrugated Box
    • And many other types of box styles

    You can choose any of the above styles that suit you. Place a custom corrugated packaging wholesale order at PremiumCustomBoxes.CA and take your brand to new heights of success by getting your desired and professional packaging solutions for your product shipping purpose.

    4.. Quality Printing And Box Embellishments

    We create printed corrugated boxes with essential printing on them that make them look professional and also educate customers about the right use of the product, storage, handling, and key details about the brands such as logo, storyline, promotional details, sustainability label, contact information, etc. Furthermore, we use these printing methods for designing custom printed boxes for shipping products that provide quality results:

    • Offset Litho Printing
    • Flexo Printing
    • Digital printing
    • Rotogravure Printing
    • Silkscreen Printing

    You can choose any printing technique from them to create custom corrugated boxes that suit your products and come within your brand’s packaging box design and printing budget.

    Why Choose Us As Your Reliable Packaging Partner?

    PremiumCustomBoxes is one of the top corrugated boxes manufacturers in Canada, with many years of experience in the packaging industry. We have many clients who are happy with our quality packaging design services and non-stop 24/7 online customer chat support. Our experts are highly experts in the packaging field and create unique and impeccable boxes for your products, retail packaging, and boxes for shipping goods to any distance. There are no die and plate charges at PCB, and we offer free custom box design services, free box samples, and free-of-cost shipping to our Canada-based client brands.

    Design product box design according to your own design preference by using our convenient online design application and leave the rest to our professional packaging designers, who will create top-quality, striking, and professional-looking boxes for your products.

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