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    Design Striking Custom Apparel Boxes Wholesale Packaging

    The fashion garments industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries worldwide. Different apparel are available in the market that are sold in all regions of the world with specific differences according to their culture and clothing trends. Apparel products are available in different sizes for children, elders, and older ones for males and females. Consequently, these products are delicate and come in protective packaging that keeps the product safe in boxes. Clothing brands create custom apparel boxes that not only attract customers to the product but also help spread brand awareness in the competitive apparel market.

    At PremiumCustomBoxes (PCB) we provide our clients with the perfect packaging boxes for apparel that set your products apart from the rest in the high market competition among apparel product seller brands.

    Types Of Apparel Boxes For Different Wearables

    There are several types of clothing boxes and their boxes for their relevant accessories that are packed in custom packaging boxes. Some of the top examples of apparel packaging boxes are as follows:

    • Clothing boxes
    • Hat boxes
    • Necktie boxes
    • Belt boxes
    • Bra boxes
    • Swimsuit boxes
    • Jacket boxes
    • Sunglass boxes
    • Shoe boxes
    • Socks boxes
    • Shirt boxes
    • Gloves boxes
    • Lingerie boxes
    • Hoodie boxes
    • And many more.

    You can customize them in any design which suits your specific product and its unique packaging requirements.

    Amazing Features Of Custom Apparel Boxes By PCB

    We create custom apparel packaging boxes using the latest designs in the market and create compelling boxes for your product that not only highlight your products to your target customers but also play an essential part in your branding. Below are some of the top features of our clothing packaging boxes that can lead to standout your products and boost your sales in the market:

    1.. Highly Durable And Green Packaging Stocks

    The right choice of packaging material is essential for brands to protect fragile products and ensure their safe delivery to any long distance. We create custom garment boxes using durable paper stocks that not only protect the product from inside the box but also keep it safe from external elements that can damage the product’s quality. Consequently, these elements include moisture, sunlight, heat, and dust, and poor handling of the product. Kraft and cardboard are perfect materials for retail packaging of wearables. 

    Kraft apparel boxes are cost-effective compared to cardboard, and corrugated fiberboard. Moreover, these stocks are sustainable and create professional eco-friendly apparel packaging for your fashion products. The sustainable rigid material is used to package expensive apparel gift products. When customers see your products packed in nature-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable boxes, they like to buy your products instead of going to those brands that are not committed to protecting nature from damaging factors.

    2.. Convenient Customization Of Apparel Boxes

    Customers love to buy those products that come in handy boxes that are easy to unbox. Our experienced and highly skilled professional packaging engineers create convenient and professional box design approaches. They customise the apparel product boxes in suitable box sizes, designs, printing, colours, finishes, and other features to increase the products’ visibility and functionality.

    Some of the key box styles are as under that you can utilise as per your design preference considering your product’s specifications, nature, and encasing demands:

    • One-Piece Mailer Boxes
    • Two Piece Boxes
    • Drawer Style Boxes
    • Gable Boxes
    • Boxes With Handles
    • Magnetic Lock Boxes
    • Apparel Bags
    • Product Sleeves
    • And many other box styles

    3.. Eye-Catching Packaging Design Attract Buyers

    Customers always prefer to buy products that impress them with their captivating appearance and professional packaging. Our experts are familiar with the packaging box’s latest design trends in the apparel industry and create unique and eye-grabbing Custom apparel boxes with logos of the brand that set you apart from your rival brands and shine your products in the retail clothing outlets/garment stores.

    In addition, you can decide on any box design theme considering your brand’s theme design and logo and share it with us. Our professionals will work on your design and create compelling boxes that will surely help stand out your products and boost your sales in the highly rivalry apparel market.

    4.. Printed Boxes With Logo And Other Details

    At PCB, we create apparel boxes wholesale packaging with captivating designs, suitable colour schemes, and logo of your brand with other essential details to educate customers about the product and the brand. Offset printing with PMS colours and digital printing with CMYK colour system are popular printing techniques in the packaging design world. Digital printing is perfect for low-quantity orders compared to the offset, which is suitable for bulk printing of boxes with top-quality results. We design custom printed apparel boxes using perfect colour combinations that look enchanting to others and positively influence the customer’s buying decisions.

    5.. Trending & Functional Box Embellishments

    After printing clothing boxes, you can use catchy finishes and add-ons to add value to your product boxes. Below are some of the top finishes that you can add to your custom boxes for apparel products:

    • Glossy lamination
    • Matte lamination
    • Metalized gold foiling
    • Metalized silver foiling
    • Aqueous coating
    • Spot UV coating
    • Logo embossing
    • Logo debossing
    • Die cut windows
    • Box dividers
    • Box inserts
    • And many other features

    These options are perfect for creating custom luxury apparel boxes for gift purposes that are expensive and come with striking designs and aesthetic artwork.

    Why Choose PremiumCustomBoxes?

    We offer custom apparel boxes wholesale in Canada with free shipping, free custom box design, and fast delivery without any additional charges. Our packaging box designers transform your dream box design into a reality that brings more sales for your business compared to your competitors in the apparel products market.

    Click here to create your own box design using our online tool. Place an instant order now.

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