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    Custom Candle Boxes

    Custom candle boxes are necessary to maintain the shape of your candles. With the increasing trend in the use of aromatic candles there is also a high demand for premium quality packaging because one must preserve the aroma of their product. To relieve you from this worry PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca provides high-quality packaging made with durable material that keeps all your product specifications intact.  In addition to the durability, our packaging boxes are manufactured keeping in mind the sustainable aspects, making your brand a favourite chandler for eco-conscious individuals. PCB gives its customers packaging with the following features: 
    • Unmatchable quality and designs
    • Numerous box styles 
    • Perfect dimensions  
    • Branding potential 
    • Sustainability 
    • Lower rates 
    • In short duration 
    • Without any kind of hidden costs

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    Superior Quality Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale Packaging

    The candle is a popular product in the retail market used for lighting and decoration purposes on different occasions, celebrations, and events to make the event memorable. Different candles are used for celebrating different events. In addition, perfumed candles psychologically impact people and help improve their moods and reduce stress. Due to being delicate products, they need highly protective packaging that can protect the product from internal and external damaging factors that can damage the quality of the sensitive candle products.

    We offer highly durable as well as captivating custom candle boxes that not only protect your delicate candles from environmental factors but also impress customers with the catchy packaging of delicate boxes. Get customized candle boxes in Canada as per your design preference from PremiumCustomBoxes.

    Different Types Of Candles Available In The Retail Market

    Candles are available in the market in different varieties that have their specific size, shape, and specific use purpose and are packed in personalized candle boxes. Some of the top types of candles are as follows:

    1. Pillar Candles
    2. Votive Candles
    3. Paraffin Wax Candles
    4. Tealight Candles
    5. Beeswax Candles
    6. Container Candles
    7. Wick Candles
    8. Taper Candles
    9. Beeswax Candles
    10. Floating Candles
    11. Scented Candles
    12. Birthday Candles
    13. Bayberry Wax Candles
    14. Flameless Candles

    You can create boxes for these candles as per their specifications and your design preference.

    Benefits Of Using Our Custom Candle Packaging Boxes

    Designing customized candle boxes brings many benefits to your brand. They set your products apart from other brands’ candles and shine your products on the retail stores. You can take your brand to new heights of growth by professionally creating wholesale candle boxes with the help of PCB.

    Below are some of the aforementioned advantages of using custom-designed candle box packaging that will bring more sales for your brand in the high market competition:

    2.. Durable Box Materials For Candles Protection

    Protection of fragile products is the main purpose of packaging. The candle is a sensitive and delicate product that can be melted due to temperature, sunlight, and poor handling during storage and shipping. We use durable paper-made cardstocks for creating candle boxes that keep the product safe from external damages that can harm the product’s quality, shape and structure.

    Folding cartons are the best for packaging retail candles they are highly durable to protect the product on the shelves. Cardboard, Kraft, rigid, and corrugated board are used to package candles. Rigid material is more expensive compared to other packaging materials that provide outclass printed results. Consequently, it’s the best material option for creating luxury candle packaging boxes for brands.

    3.. Sustainable Packaging Boxes Protect The Planet

    Using green packaging for product boxes creation is essential for brands to retain their name and ranking in the competitive market of retail products. Customers are now more eco-conscious and prefer to buy products that come in sustainable packaging boxes. That’s why brands use cardboard and kraft candle boxes for packaging candles that are non-toxic to nature.

    Consequently, these materials don’t add pollutant elements to the environment and keep our planet free from increasing pollution caused by packaging waste. PremiumCustomBoxes is committed to protecting nature and provides you the eco-friendly custom candle boxes wholesale packaging by using paper-based materials.

    4.. Eye-Catching Box Designs Attract New Customers

    Customers prefer to buy products that impress them with their captivating outlook in retail stores. If you create new and lucrative box designs for creating custom packaging for candle cartons, you can provide a good and memorable experience to users. That way you can draw more customers’ attention to your candle products and observe high sales in the market.

    You can use any box style, size, design, colour combination, printing, and finishes that suits you and fit for your product according to your product nature and characteristics. We provide you with the best candle packaging in Canada at wholesale prices making us one of the top packaging suppliers in all cities of Canada.

    5.. Printing Key Details To Educate The Candle Buyers

    You can add key details to the candle wholesale boxes to educate your target customer about your brand and the product’s accurate usage. By adding your brand’s logo, taglines, storyline, message, and promotional details you can attract customers to your products and urge them to buy your products.

    Consequently, that way, customers consider you a professional and customer-caring brand which improves your repute among your potential and current product buyers. In addition, we design custom printed boxes for candles using offset lithography and digital printing techniques using PMS and CMYK colour schemes that provide amazing box printing results.

    6.. Unique Candle Box Designs Help In Retail Display

    Our experienced packaging box designers create custom candle boxes using the latest and trending designs in the market that can impress customers and impact their buying behaviour. You can add key details on the candle packaging wholesale packaging and use them as the perfect tool for your branding and candle product promotion. By beautiful customization of candle folding cartons, you can display your products on the retail stores’ shelves and countertops which helps in your product promotion.

    7.. Luxury Embellishments Set Your Products Apart

    At PCB, our expert professionals use catchy finishes and add-ons to add value to your candle product cartons. For creating luxury candle boxes wholesale packaging for gifts, you can use several finishes that not only protect the product from dust, moisture, and heat but also look captivating on having a look at them. Some of the top popular finishing options are as follows:

    1. Glossy lamination
    2. Matte lamination
    3. Gold foiling
    4. Silver foiling
    5. Aqueous coating
    6. Spot Ultraviolet coating
    7. Embossing & debossing
    8. Die-cut windows and inserts
    9. And many other options

    In addition, you also can use dividers and inserts to store multiple products in a single larger box. For storing small candles in the same box, you can create candle boxes with inserts to protect them from their internal clashes and safe shipping to the hands of your target customer’s hands.

    PremiumCustomBoxes is one of the best custom candle boxes suppliers with free custom design support and free shipping in Canada. Click here to create your own candle box design using our online utility app. Place an order to get quality candle packaging boxes at your doorstep.

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