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    Custom Take Out Boxes

    The takeout foods are a quick solution whenever we are with friends, and family, or even if we are all alone or craving something delicious. These take out boxes play a key role in making the food more appealing. We at PCB.CA provide extraordinary packaging services to help your brand fly above and beyond.  We offer quality packaging materials, catchy printings, and add-ons to reshape your brand and increase sales. We prioritize the customer's satisfaction and ensure them a quality packaging box to make their business one of the best in Canada.  For a packaging box, we also offer various coatings, and laminations to enhance the overall look of the box. We offer packaging boxes with sustainability and durability features. Contact us at the PCB.CA website and get your customized packaging boxes in no time! 

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    If you are a restaurant owner looking for something trendy to promote your business or a food enthusiast desiring to add a delightful experience to your meals. We have got you! 

    We at PCB.CA provide exceptional services, our takeout boxes help to create a lasting impression for your brand recognition.

    We offer quality material boxes and guarantee the freshness and original texture of the food. Moreover, our company has been manufacturing packaging boxes for more than a decade. We help customers in alleviating their sales and gain the trust of consumers. 

    So, with our collaboration, you can get your desired food packaging boxes with unique styles, brand colors, printings, and special customization options to make the box more luxurious and attractive for consumers. 

    What are take-out Boxes?

    The Chinese packaging boxes also called Oyster Pails are uniquely designed food boxes that are recognized globally for their aesthetic and cultural values. Recently, these boxes have gained much popularity due to their exceptional food-storing qualities and distinctive design options. The Chinese takeout container is a folded, wax or plastic-coated paperboard designed to hold oysters with a solid wire used as a handle. But, nowadays customized containers are used for multiple hot and cold foods. 

    Materials used for takeout packaging boxes 

    We offer premium quality material for takeout food containers. The quality of the materials used affects the overall value of the product and the packaging as well. A good material enhances the protection, storage, thermal insulation and safe transit of the food. The standard material we use for take out boxes wholesale packaging includes paperboard, kraft paper and various food-grade alternatives. 

    Kraft paper – Robust and Durable 

    Kraft material is the most eco-friendly and is widely used for packaging boxes. The kraft boxes are lightweight and cost-effective. Kraft takeout boxes are in high demand due to their strength and durability features. Moreover, these boxes offer sustainability and food-grade properties. Our packaging boxes are customized keeping in mind the hot and cold foods requirements. 

    Paperboard – Strong and Versatile 

    The paperboard material is of multiple layers of paper pulp and is stronger than regular paper. The boxes are made from a single sheet of paperboard folded into a shape without any adhesives and ensure the box’s easy assembly. This paper often comes with different coatings to protect the food against moisture and grease. Thus, they are leakproof and sturdy for dry and saucy food items. 

    Benefits of takeout food containers 

    Takeout packaging boxes are used widely and are now important for branding and increasing sales. Besides this, these food boxes offer a wide range of benefits for the safety of the food and attracting customers. We will discuss how custom food boxes will help you in changing your market value. 

    Easy handling 

    We customize the food boxes according to the customer’s needs. The easy handling of the boxes allows the customers to carry them easily from restaurant to home, office or other places without any hassle. The tight lids of the boxes prevent any spills and leaks. Thus, it maintains the original shape and texture of the food during transportation. 

    Time Efficient 

    The Chinese take out boxes canada play a key role in saving time for people with busy schedules and hectic routines. The take-out food box is used as a quick food source when you are feeling hungry or have no time for cooking. Moreover, custom boxes can be used in the microwave for reheating the food in a few minutes. 


    Due to the versatile nature of the boxes, takeout food containers can be used for different food items including soups, salads and desserts. These boxes are also designed with different dividers in a single box for placing different items and maintaining the flavor and aroma of food at the same time. 

    Styles of Take out boxes 

    We provide a variety of styles for your frozen food boxes. The styles of boxes are designed according to the food type and customer requirements. Our take out packaging boxes always stand out in the market due to their catchy styles and attract the attention of businesses and consumers as well. Following are different styles you can opt for. 

    • Clamshell 
    • Window style 
    • Compartmentalized 
    • Foldable 
    • Round 
    • Rectangle 
    • Microwave Safe
    • Oven safe

    Different Printings and Coatings for  Chinese takeout boxes 

    We provide great printing and coating options that are cost-effective and durable enough to compete in the market. Moreover, our printing and coating services also help make the box more luxurious and appealing. We offer the following printing options

    • Offset Printing 
    • Digital Printing 
    • Flexography

    The coatings play an important role in securing the food box from moisture and abrasions. We provide the following coating options to enhance your custom Chinese take out boxes box visibility. 

    • Silkscreen 
    • Matte 
    • Soft Touch Lamination
    • Varnish and Lamination
    • Gloss Varnish and Lamination
    • UV Aqueous 
    • UV Coating 
    • Spot UV Coating

    Get the best Add-ons to resonate creativity 

    Our special add-ons give the boxes a different and eye-catching look. So, the add-ons like embossing, custom inserts, die cuts and windows can make takeout boxes captivating to the customers. Moreover, you can get the add-ons for small to large dimension boxes at the most reasonable rates. 

    Why do Brands trust us?

    Various renowned brands trust us because we manufacture quality materials. We also have an expert design team to assist customers in choosing the best boxes for their business. We also have an updated knowledge of the current market trends and customer requirements. We provide 24/7 availability, free design assistance, free shipping, and fast turnaround time. 

    Place Your Order And Proceed With Us!

    Give us a call at and avail our outstanding packaging services. Hand over your dreamy design and get your desirable take out boxes canada. Our team of experts will never disappoint you because we promise to deliver excellent products

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