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    Custom Frozen Food Boxes

    Preserve your food with PCB.Ca’ frozen food boxes and store the food without the fear of losing quality. You can get a holistic packaging solution from our company without breaking the bank as our rates are lower than the average custom box manufacturing company in Canada. Get the following benefits from us:
    • Paper-based sturdy material
    • Sustainable and food-grade material
    • Custom printings
    • Market competitive rates
    • Free of-cost design consultation
    • 24/7 customer care service
    With custom frozen food boxes manufactured by us, you can take charge of your food’s shelf life. Our boxes give protection to your food by shielding it from any kind of potential contaminant. So do not delay and fill in the quote today to preserve your food.

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    Extend Your Food’s Shelf Life With Frozen Food Boxes

    The frozen food industry is extremely big in Canada and is about to cross $ 7.5 billion. Certainly, the quality and the convenience of the food matter but the presentation of food can also be considered and for this PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca’s frozen food boxes are a perfect solution.

    People consume frozen food as they do not want to waste time chopping vegetables or preparing pizzas. That is why frozen food is becoming popular day by day. But the popularity can be enhanced with the help of custom boxes.

    At PCB.Ca, we create custom frozen food boxes by keeping in mind the pain points of the customers. Apart from this, we use the best available material to preserve the quality of frozen food for a long duration helping you extend the shelf life of your food.

    Quality Assurance And PCB

    Frozen foods are an easy solution to the busy lifestyle of people today. As compared to regular foods, frozen items have an extended shelf life but this depends upon the storage condition of the food. With our frozen food boxes wholesale you can easily store your food and keep it edible for a long time.

    We assure the quality of boxes by using premium quality food-grade material. The use of food-grade material is not done by default and you have to select the option. But with the consultation with our team, you will be able to identify the best for yourself. PCB assures the box quality by:

    Sturdy Material 

    Our selected material for all types of food packaging is sturdy, so whether you need pizza slice boxes or you are looking for boxes to pack your frozen food, rest assured that the quality of the material will never be compromised. Our paper-based material is a perfect solution as it is resistant to tearing.

    Sustainable And FSC-Approved

    Apart from the sturdiness of the materials, we pay an equal amount of attention to the safety of the environment. So in our quality assurance, not only the quality of your food is included, but also the quality of the environment. So for frozen food packaging boxes, we use kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material.

    These materials are paper-based and FSC-approved so are an ideal solution to combat the issue of climate change.

    Food Grade And FDA-Approved 

    In addition to the safety of your environment, we give safety to the quality of your food. That is why our company uses food-grade material and inks on the boxes. This helps us in reducing the chances of chemical and microbial contamination with the food. We use FDA-approved material for frozen food boxes so you can fully trust us.

    Wax Coated Options 

    To prevent leakage from the packaging, we give the option of wax-coated material. This material has a glazed surface from the inside that prevents the fluids from the food from draining out of the box. For a professional look wax coated material is a perfect choice.

    Enticing Look For Frozen Food Boxes

    Besides the protection of food and the safety of the environment, our boxes make it easy for you to get the attention of the customers. The reason for this is that we use quality printing processes, colours, and colour-mixing techniques to give you impeccable frozen food boxes wholesale.  Apart from printing, we give the option of add-ons and finings that both make your packaging boxes unique in appearance. Our custom features include:

    • Offset printing
    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing
    • UV printing
    • Embossing and debossing
    • Foil stamping
    • Window boxes
    • UV coating
    • Gloss and matt varieties of coatings

    The above-mentioned points are not the only options that you can get from us. Our packaging company has a huge range of customization features. You can select any of the options as per the packaging budget of your company, the desired look of the packaging, and the type of material.

    Preserve Your Food With PCB! 

    Avail our packaging services and get an instant solution to extend the shelf life of your foods. You can get frozen food boxes at the most affordable rates and in the most premium quality from PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca. So preserve your food by placing your order today.

    Box Board E Flute

    Crystal White E-Flute

    Kraft E-Flute

    SBS E-Flute







    Foil stamping

    Window Patching

    Full Color Printing

    Inside & Outside Full Printing

    One Color Printing

    PMS Printing


    Natural Brown Kraft


    Metallic Paper

    SBS C2S

    White Kraft

    Black Kraft Paper

    Fluorescent Color Inks

    Oil Based Inks


    Pantone Metallic

    Soy Vegetable Based Inks

    Water Based Inks

    Anti Scratch Lamination

    Aqueous Coating


    Silk Lamination Cards

    Soft Touch Coating

    Spot UV

    Gloss Lamination

    Gloss Varnish

    Matt Lamination

    Matt Varnish

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