Have you ever wondered what makes children attracted to food items in the store? Most of the time it is the attractive and visually appealing packaging that lures them. Keeping in mind this strategy businesses use custom boxes like custom hot dog boxes that look visually appealing and attractive not only to children but to adults as well.

Food items are delicate, which is why they get ruined with the slightest mishandling. That is why they need good quality food boxes that protect them from getting ruined during shipping and transportation and they get to you in perfect condition. PremiumCustomBoxes provide you with superior-quality material for the construction of custom boxes. 

The boxes we make are spill proof so you can use them without being worried about spilling.  We make eye-catching packaging boxes at affordable prices that will give brand recognition and attract customers to boost sales. Our packaging is made keeping in view the hygiene protocols so that your food does not get contaminated during transit. Let’s delve into the blog to learn more about the custom food boxes.

Creatively Designed Boxes

In the packaging industry, creatively designed custom food packaging boxes have become a true art form. These captivating boxes go beyond their functional purpose, serving as a blank canvas for you to create innovative and visually striking product boxes. By choosing us, you can freely select from the designs and colour themes of your choice.

These glorifying packaging boxes will convey the brand message perfectly and leave a positive impression on the customers by giving them a memorable unboxing experience for consumers. No matter what type of product you are packaging whether it is a luxurious beauty product, a whimsical toy, or a gourmet food item, the custom boxes Calgary design can elevate the entire product experience and leave a lasting impression.

Different Styles Of Food Boxes

You can customize the type of box you want for your food items like custom burger boxes that align perfectly with your brand. Some common styles of boxes are given as:

  • Double wall food boxes with display lid
  • Auto bottom food boxes with display lid
  • Food counter display boxes
  • 1-2-3 bottom closure food boxes
  • Triangular shape boxes
  • Rectangular shape boxes
  • Custom gable boxes
  • Sleeve boxes for foods
  • Two-piece boxes for foods

Double wall food boxes with display lid

Double wall display lid boxes are a type of cardboard food boxes that have an open top and a lid, allowing you to easily assemble and display products. These boxes are commonly used for retail packaging, for lightweight products.

You can also utilize them in food packaging as well. Due to its double wall construction, your food items will stay safe till they reach their destination. It provides strength and durability, making these boxes suitable for small to mid-size retail applications.

Auto bottom food boxes with display lid

These boxes feature a bottom that automatically folds into place, creating a stable and sturdy base for you to keep your product. The display lid allows for easy access and visibility. You can use these boxes in place of burger boxes wholesale.

Food counter display boxes

Designed specifically for use on food counters, these boxes provide an attractive way to showcase food products while keeping them organized and accessible. You can choose hot dog boxes to pack your hot dogs for safe transportation and easy access.

1-2-3 bottom closure food boxes

You can use a 1-2-3 bottom closure system as  popcorn boxes because it offers a simple and secure way to assemble the packaging, ensuring that the contents remain protected

Triangular shape boxes

These shapes of a box is commonly used for food packaging due to its efficiency and ease of storage and transport

Rectangular shape boxes

Gable boxes feature a distinctive peaked top design that provides a unique and eye-catching presentation for custom french fries boxes.

Sleeve boxes for foods

Custom Sleeve boxes consist of an outer sleeve that slides over an inner tray or container, protecting the food product while allowing for easy access to the product without compromising on the durability.

Two-piece boxes for foods

Two-piece boxes are made up of a base and a separate lid, offering flexibility in terms of design and customization options for food packaging.

custom food boxes in canada

Benefits Of Choosing Food Boxes Canada

There are many benefits to using custom boxes for food packaging. They are discussed as: 

  • Brand Promotion and Sales Boost
  • Maintain Food Quality and Freshness
  • Sustainable
  • Customizable Design and Branding
  • Cost-Effective
  • Improved Customer Experience

Brand Promotion and Sales Boost

You can promote your brand by using custom food boxes with logo adding designs, and information that can help boost sales by making the brand prominent in the market. The attractive packaging makes a strong first impression on customers.

Maintain Food Quality and Freshness

Sturdy, durable, and well-designed custom frozen food boxes protect the contents from external factors like dust, dirt, and other external factors during transit and storage that may potentially ruin the food items. They help in maintaining the taste, and freshness of the food so that they are delivered to you in pristine condition.


Customers are becoming eco-conscious with the increase in environmental changes, and looking for sustainable means of packaging to reduce the carbon content in the environment. We make kraft food boxes that can be easily recycled. Thai biodegradable material reduces the impact on the environment.

Customizable Design and Branding

You can fully customize the size, shape, graphics, and branding of these boxes to align with your product and business identity. This allows you to create a unique and memorable packaging experience that will grab the attention from afar. Choosing the right material type is the first step of personalization that decides the durability and sturdiness of the box.


Ordering food boxes wholesale in bulk quantities can be more cost-effective compared to standard packaging options, especially for small to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford these expenses right now.

Improved Customer Experience

Visually appealing and functional boxes like popcorn boxes canada will enhance the overall customer experience and can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


At PremiumCustomBoxes.ca you will get visually appealing food boxes. They will attract customers and help you gain brand recognition among the competitors. The boxes we make are creatively designed boxes to represent your brand elegantly. We offer different box styles giving you leniency to choose so that it perfectly aligns with your product size, shape and style.

For instance, if you want french fries boxes for your food item you can simply select it and we can customize it according to your brand and also consider the latest marketing trend so that your brand is displayed perfectly.