We all know that packaging is one of the most crucial components of product protection. However many other factors have forced the world to invest in custom boxes, such as brand promotion, product presentation, and a unique look. At the global level, the PremiumCustomBoxes are expanding with a CAGR of 4.4 % so there must be something special about these boxes. 

Among all the variable features of packaging, the most important aspect is the selection of material. Although paper-based materials are used to manufacture customized boxes, the final selection of material for custom boxes packaging is based on the fragility of the product. Nonetheless, we will discuss some of the common factors that can help you in the selection of the right packaging material for your personalized boxes. 

Rules To Select Material For Custom Boxes 

As we discussed earlier, the rule to select the material for the boxes is based mainly on the type of product. But as a general rule of thumb, some of the features that can never be neglected in the custom printed boxes are explained below. From a renowned custom boxes wholesale provider like PremiumCustomBoxes, you can get the most useful features in your boxes’ materials. 

Focus On Your Product Type

The first and foremost thing that all the brands must have to consider while selecting a material is the fragility level of the product. For instance, if you are selling glassware then you have to invest in a sturdy material that can give complete protection to fragile items. Material like corrugation and rigid can be used for this much delicate product. 

Consider The Standards Of Your Brand

While selecting a custom packaging design you must know what is the market value of your brand and how your packaging design can justify the standard of your company. Your packaging is a reflection of your brand values which is why it must resonate with your brand’s theme. For instance, if you are running a bakery that specially bakes for birthday parties and other events for children then you can go with paste colour to add a touch of cuteness to the custom cardboard boxes

In the same manner, if you are a luxury watch brand then premium elements like spot UV, foil stamping, or metallic coatings can be a potent way to showcase the standard of your brand. 

Keep In Mind Your Targeted Audience

Your targeted audience must emphasize the design and style of your packaging and the reason for this is that they are the main source of your brand’s success. For instance, you can use small custom boxes if you are selling edible products for children as this will make them connected to your brand. 

By considering the pain points of the customers. Say you are selling cereals, in this case, the pain point of the customers will be to prevent sogginess so you can use moisture-resistant materials such as solid bleached sulphate-coated cardboard or laminated cardboard that can withstand moisture.                       

Take Your Budget Into Account 

One of the vital factors for all the brands is the cost of packaging. This is because the packaging determines the cost of the final product and is directly related to the cost of the end product. So while selecting material for custom boxes Canada, consider the packaging budget of your brand. 

For this, you can contact your packaging company to get a rough idea about the cost of the box materials. Moreover, you can contact a packaging company that is providing wholesale rates for custom kraft boxes, so that you do not have to break the bank of your company for boxes. 

Bear In Mind Your Logistic Method 

Another very important factor that some brands may neglect while selecting a material is the mode of shipping. Custom boxes for shipping must have a bit more durability than the regular packaging as the products may get exposed to harsh conditions, pressure, or weight.

Moreover, the choice of material also determined the weight of the shipped product. So you must have to select a perfect combination of durability and lightweight material. The best option in this regard can be corrugated material. This material has flutes that act as a shock absorber and prevent any kind of physical damage to the product. 

Packaging Materials For Custom Boxes

Types Of Materials For Custom Boxes 

After understanding the rules to select material for custom boxes packaging you must also know about the major types of eco-friendly materials used in the custom box market. Unline generic packaging, in custom packaging, mostly paper-based materials are used such as: 


Your luxurious custom packaging design needs a material that can portray the elegance of your brand. For this, the topmost material that we use is rigid. Custom rigid packaging material has a similar consistency to wood making it luxurious in appearance. 


Kraft is an organic material manufactured with virgin solid wood fibre. This material has a brown colour that gives it an earthly look and helps you get the attention of climate-conscious individuals. 


For custom boxes with logo you can use cardboard box packaging material as it is easy to print. Moreover with the addition of coatings the surface of the cardboard becomes smoother, facilitating the printing process. 


As we mentioned earlier the corrugated packaging material contains at least one flute and two plain cardboard layers. The fluted layers are  present between the two plain layers. Due to the flute, the material becomes sturdy and resistant to collapsing. 


Packaging is an inevitable part of branding and product promotion which is why it must be manufactured with quality material. Custom boxes Canada are representative of your brand and show the customers about your values. By selecting a quality material you can give the desired protection and required presentation to the product making a mark in the market. If you are looking for cost-effective and sustainable packaging boxes then PremiumCustomBoxes has your back!