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    Custom Jewelry Boxes

    Your packaging is the main factor that can increase as well as decrease the cost of your products and when it comes to packaging then nothing but PCB.Ca comes to mind. For all the jewelry sellers in Canada we have come up with the most high custom jewelry boxes that can make people loyal customers of your brand.  Our company will turn your small business into the best-selling brand of 2024 due to the premiums of its packaging. In addition to the quality of material, we give plenty of options for box customization that include coatings, printings, and several box styles. These options help the customers to give an elegant presentation to their boxes that directly and positively impact their sales. 

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    Women wear jewelry because their jewelry holds a significant meaning for them. But when it comes to fashion then men and women both are drawn to jewelry as it helps them to express themselves. If you are selling meaningful or fashionable jewelry for your customers then you need custom jewelry boxes. 

    These boxes will add a huge value to your product and will help you to get more clients. We at PremiumcustomBoxes.Ca manufacture memorable packaging boxes that can make your customers hinge on your jewellery brand. 

    Using our custom jewelry boxes with logo that will not only promote your brand but also cast a professional impression on the customers. Get our boxes, manufactured with care are your brand consideration to elevate the presentation of your pieces of jewelry. 

    Material For Custom Jewelry Boxes

    Jewelry is a delicate item which is why their packaging is required to be durable. If you are selling jewelry like watches, necklaces, sparkling rings, and shiny earrings then you must know that your packaging is as important as the quality of your jewelry. With custom jewelry boxes Canada manufactured by PCB, you can give tailored protection to your jewelry. 

    Whether you are selling bracelets, tie bars, or rings you have to focus on the quality of your packaging. To give you a satisfactory experience and quality packaging we are using cardboard, corrugation, and rigid material. Our rigid material is available in two forms: 

    • Grey chipboard 
    • Duplex chipboard

    In the same manner as cardboard jewelry boxes, we have a huge variety of subtypes. Select any of the materials and serve your customers with perfection.  

    Get Inspiring Designs From Us 

    Apart from sturdiness, your packaging must be catchy in appearance for it we have an inspiring design range. With our box designs, you can show the customers the creativity of your brand. For a high-end and luxury presentation, we give the following options: 

    • Drawer style boxes 
    • Jewelry gift box 
    • Boxes with metallic claps 
    • Kraft jewelry boxes for shipping 
    • Lid off boxes 
    • Flip top boxes with metallic closure 
    • Collapsable boxes 
    • Jewelry cases with leather inserts 

    We Print With Precision 

    Make your packaging different than the rest of the brands by using printed artwork and unique colours of the packaging. We give the main three types of printing using various processes: 

    • External printing 
    • Internal printing 
    • External and internal printing

    If you want your custom jewelry packaging to be completely blank then we have that option too. 

    Get Luxurious Packaging Decorated With Coatings 

    Impact the buying behaviour of your customers with the help of our luxurious coatings. With the coatings on the packaging, we make your boxes resistant to moisture and scuffing, keeping them perfect in appearance. We have several coating options for jewelry packaging boxes: 

    • Aqueous Coating: This coating is one of the fastest drying options and is water-based. Not only this, for eco-frindly coating aquos are the best option. It is available in gloss and matt options. 
    • UV Coating: UV is also the fastest drying coating which is cured with the help of UV rays. 
    • Spot Gloss Coating: If you want the design on your presentation boxes for jewelry at the specified areas then you can choose the spot UV option. 
    • Soft Touch Coating: For a velvety touch this coating is the perfect option. For a premium tactile option use this coating and make the customer a fan of your customized jewelry packaging
    • Varnish: Varnish is a clear coating that is applied with the CMYK printing option. From matt to gloss we have all the options for box varnishes. 
    • Anti-Scratch Lamination: This is a biaxially oriented polypropylene-based coating that prevents any kind of scratches from reducing the quality of your boxes. 

    Discover Your Packaging Options!  

    We at PremiumCustomPackaging.Ca manufacture the top quality custom jewelry boxes for our customers so that they can get the best presentation of their delicate jewelry. We have a huge range of design options with which we give your products an enticing look along with high-end protection. So get a quote and discover our packaging design options! 

    Box Board E Flute

    Crystal White E-Flute

    Kraft E-Flute

    SBS E-Flute







    Foil stamping

    Window Patching

    Full Color Printing

    Inside & Outside Full Printing

    One Color Printing

    PMS Printing


    Natural Brown Kraft


    Metallic Paper

    SBS C2S

    White Kraft

    Black Kraft Paper

    Fluorescent Color Inks

    Oil Based Inks


    Pantone Metallic

    Soy Vegetable Based Inks

    Water Based Inks

    Anti Scratch Lamination

    Aqueous Coating


    Silk Lamination Cards

    Soft Touch Coating

    Spot UV

    Gloss Lamination

    Gloss Varnish

    Matt Lamination

    Matt Varnish

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