is If you are new in the packaging industry then don’t worry. At PremiumCustomBoxes, we are here to help you to create your premium e-commerce shopping box. Beyond the sustainable packaging solution, the packaging is crucial to enhancing customer experience, brand perception, and even sustainability efforts.  

In the digitalization era, the e-commerce industry becomes competitive day by day. Creating a suitable custom boxes packaging solution and leaving a long-lasting impression on the customers is very important. Now e-commerce has given a lot of online buyers and sellers. Your packaging directly interacts with your customers.  

Today we will discuss all the possible factors on how to create a premium e-commerce shipping box that provides ease during shipping and handling. Let’s get started and explore more information about custom shipping packaging. 

Get Inspired By E-Commerce Shipping Packaging 

The first step you need to remember is the inspiration of multiple and various types of packaging. You need to be updated with the latest trending packaging that helps you find your shipping packaging solution according to your brand identity and needs.

Check the existing companies that are selling similar products to your brand and get inspiration from their packaging solution. Custom Boxes Canada offers a range of options, from simple printed designs to luxurious finishes. You need to determine your budget for the project and choose features that align with your needs.

Define Your Packaging Requirements 

Deciding the best packaging option for your brand is difficult but we guide you step by step to help to create a stunning packaging solution for your brand. Mainly two types of packaging are cooking in the market 1. Is external and 2. Internal packaging.  Now, we will elaborate on these two types first and then we move on next step: 

External packaging for your Product

External packaging works as a second outer shield of your product that protects the product during shipping and handling or helps to showcase it on the retail shelves of the e-commerce platform. Some examples of external packaging that help you to take the right step for your shipping packaging solution. 

Corrugated Mailer Boxes- have popularity in the market due to their sturdiness and provide long-term product protection during shipping and handling. These boxes are best for e-commerce shipping because they are leading boxes all over the boxes. They give a premium look to your product. 

Folding Carton Boxes – are perfect for lightweight items during shipping. These are less hard than corrugated boxes because they are made from cardboard boxes. These boxes are widely used for selling coffee capsules, food products, or candle products. 

Rigid Or Magnetic Closure Boxes – are used to add a luxury touch to your product. Generally, these boxes are for high-end expensive items because they are not budget-friendly boxes. But boxes with rigid structures are always safe during e-commerce shipping products. Remember that these boxes are much more expensive to ship from suppliers to the customer’s warehouse.

Internal Packaging For Your Product

Internal packaging always protects the product from the inner side, helps to prevent internal damage and safely ships to the customers’ hand. This packaging factors like inserts create a separation of the item by items and tightly bond the product during e-commerce. Some internal packaging options include:

  • Void filler 
  • Tissue paper 
  • Kraft paper 
  • Inserts 
  • Soft Bubbles
  • Forms 

The above option helps to protect the product packaging from the inner and outer sides. This will also enhance the customer’s experience and be preferable for shipping and handling. 

Preferable E-commerce Shipping Boxes 

Besides the packaging, safe product shipping is important for e-commerce businesses to win customers’ trust for a long time. In an e-commerce business, shipping the product safely is the main factor in improving the customer’s experience and enhancing the perceived value of your brand. Some custom boxes wholesale are here to help you to choose the right box for your business. 

Custom Mailer Boxes

 Mailer boxes are best for lightweight items and are used for apparel, accessories, and other non-fragile items. These boxes are ideal for e-commerce shipping. custom mailer boxes offer secure packaging tailored to your brand and ensure your products arrive safely and stylishly. These self-sealing boxes are ideal for easy customer experience and branding. 

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated material works as a Sturdy Protector and always proves best for heavier or bulkier items. Corrugated cardboard provides excellent protection during shipping. These sturdy boxes are perfect for e-commerce shipping needs and provide reliable protection and customization options that enhance brand visibility.

Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale

The Brand Champion of all the boxes is retail boxes which are available in bulk at cost-effective prices. These boxes let you personalise your brand image across your entire product line. Wholesale Retail boxes are ideal for e-commerce shipping and provide affordability and branding opportunities that make them essential for businesses aiming to impress customers.

Custom Boxes For Shipping

Shipping boxes with sturdy material is the hero of all boxes. A broad category encompassing the above options. You can customise size, material, and printing for maximum versatility. Shipping boxes are specifically designed for e-commerce shipping needs. custom boxes that provide durable protection and brand recognition during shipping and ensure your products arrive safely and stylishly every time.

Custom Packaging For Small Business

For small businesses, custom packaging plays an important role in enhancing the customer’s experience and promoting the brand image. You can design boxes specifically for your unique products and ensure a perfect fit and presentation. Custom boxes are ideal for fragile items or those with unusual shapes and reinforce brand identity during e-commerce shipping.

e-commerce shipping boxes

Design your Own Shipping Packaging 

With the convenience of complete customization choices, you can easily create your shipment boxes. It’s time to elevate your e-commerce business presence. We will discuss how your packaging design grabs the customer’s attention and also enhances your brand image. The following are some subject matter to think about:

  • Select the perfect custom size that ideally fits your product. 
  • Select the beautiful eye-catching design that adds a premium look to your product.
  • Choose the finest design, create a logo and product name on your boxes, and also add ingredients. 
  • Choose right packaging material, creative printing techniques, and premium ADD-ONS to make your boxes quite stylish and eye-catching.

You need to always focus on customer satisfaction. Imagine the customer’s unboxing experience of your boxes what’s inside the box? Boxes with inserts and written notes create an impeccable impression on your valuable customers. 

Create Your E-commerce Packaging In Second

It’s a time to boost your business presence with e-commerce packaging. Now I will tell you how you can create your packaging in seconds. The first thing that you need to upload is your unique and eye-catching custom boxes with logo, then attractive designs, simple and creative text, or a company slogan to the manufacturer’s website in a file format. If you want quick and better results then it’s a great idea to upload your files in a vector format like AI, EPS, or PDF.

At, we understand the need for your e-commerce packaging solution. So that’s why we offer a range of sizes and styles that can easily be customized according to the customer’s needs. We provide multiple eco-friendly materials like cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material, however corrugated material is the most preferred choice for custom boxes for shipping due to its fluted layers. 

You can choose high-quality printing techniques with different shaded colours. Alternatively, you have the option to choose the white cardboard E-commerce box, which is also constructed using three layers of white corrugated cardboard.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Packaging Solution 

Brand businesses provide sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for their eco-conscious customers. The sustainability of your packaging relies on the choice of materials. The majority of small custom boxes used in e-commerce are constructed mostly from 90% recycled material. You can use this packaging for future use. Eco-conscious consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that prioritise sustainability. We offer a range of sustainable packaging options, including recycled and recyclable materials, to help you reduce your environmental impact.

PCB is Your Sustainable E-commerce Packaging Partner.

Creating premium e-commerce shipping boxes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At, we are dedicated to helping you design and implement custom packaging design solutions that protect your products, elevate your brand, and delight your customers. By leveraging our expertise in materials, customization, and logistics, you can streamline your e-commerce packaging process and stand out in the competitive online marketplace. Reason to choose us:

  • Endless customizations options
  • Free design assistance
  • Eco-friendly packaging solution 
  • Branding opportunity
  • Free quote request
  • Fast and free shipping 
  • 24/7 customer care services
  • Fast turnaround time (10-12 days)

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