Just like large well-recognized brands, small businesses also need different ways to stand out in the market. So, in this modern era when competition is pretty high and everyone is struggling hard to be successful and dominant in the packaging industry. 

If you are a small business owner or a start-up looking for methods and resources to enhance your brand image and sales, then set yourself free from all your concerns. PCB is your next stop for all-in-one services. We will discuss how custom packaging for small businesses helps them jump out and build loyal customers. Moreover, the key benefits of customized packaging and which businesses need them. Let’s dig into the details. 

How Customized Packaging Can Help Elevate Your Small Business?

Custom packaging plays a crucial role in promoting the brand and increasing revenue. Through packaging, you can get your brand logo, images, colors, and messages customized on the box. This way, the customers can easily recognize your brand from the crowded shelves of the market. 

Apart from the logos and images, we offer a huge variety of custom packaging designs, sizes, shapes, premium materials, and advanced printing & coating techniques that can make the product appealing and trendy. 

First Impression is the last Impression! 

The first impression of the packaging matters a lot. Imagine waiting for your order of trendy serums or cosmetics you want to try. But receiving your products in a generic box can fade away all your excitement. But, what if you get beautifully packed cosmetic boxes with fancy add-ons, your excitement will go to another level. Ultimately creating a good impact on the customers. 

Customization Solutions  For Small Businesses 

Our company exceptionally helps small businesses through our affordable packaging facilities. The professional team offers the latest methods and ideas that can help any start-up or business to skyrocket its sales. Given below are the custom packaging solutions to pick for small brands. 

Material Selection – For Sustainability 

Quality materials are important in making the packaging durable. Our standard materials provide a longer shelf life and enhanced protection to the products such as the bakery boxes that require extra protection to maintain the texture and flavors of the food items. 

The most commonly used materials are eco-friendly kraft paper, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid. These materials are used differently according to the product requirements. Moreover, these materials are biodegradable and are preferred by environmentally conscious people.  

Unique Design Styles For A Catchy Look 

We offer a diverse range of design options that perfectly suit your brand and make your packaging boxes look different from other competitors. These packaging box styles include the following to give them a new appearance.

  1. Custom Sleeve Packaging 
  2. Custom Tuck End Packaging 
  3. Custom Flip Top Packaging 
  4. Custom Handle Packaging  
  5. Custom Window Packaging 
  6. Custom Gable Packaging 

These differently customized boxes are used according to the nature of the product as window boxes can be used perfectly for giving a sneak peek of the food items, accessories, and makeup products. Likewise, the sleeve packaging can be used perfectly for perfume boxes

Customized Printings For A Clear Image 

Printings help in providing a clear visible image of the custom packaging boxes in the retailer’s shops. Quality printings give a distinct look making the texts, and fonts easily readable. Different printing options are available according to the market with enhanced color schemes CMYK and PMS. Here are the printing choices. 

  1. Offset Printing 
  2. Digital Printing 
  3. Flexography 
  4. Silkscreen Printing 
  5. UV Printing 

Enticing Coatings & Add-ons To Attract Customers 

Coatings are an important procedure in the packaging industry. These premium finishes make the packaging fancier and encourage the customers to repeat buying. Moreover, the exciting add-ons also help in making the customers curious about the product. Following are the picks available according to the product. 

  1. Gloss Lamination is for a shiny appearance and adds a protective layer from scratches and abrasions. 
  2. Matt Lamination gives a subtle look to the box and can be used for lipstick boxes, and other varieties of boxes. 
  3. Hot Foil adds a metallic design to the packaging box. 
  4. Hot Foil Embossing offers a raised effect alongside the hot foil, thus giving a luxurious look.   
  5. Spot UV applies high gloss varnish to specific areas of packaging and adds a striking contrast to the packaging box. 
  6. Ribbon Closure provides a fascinating image and the packaging looks like a gift. 
  7. Embossing creates a raised effect on the box like a logo or any text in a highlighted way. 
  8. Debossing gives a recessed design to the box. Still a prominent and visible image. 
  9. Magnetic Closing provides a high-end experience to the users giving a sleek look to the boxes. These can be used for magnetic gift boxes exceptionally. 
  10. Inserts are added to the boxes for secure packaging and to prevent the products from shifting during transportation. 
  11. The shoulder Section provides additional height to the packaging box and provides more space for taller products. 
  12. Dividers are added in a single box to accommodate more than one item while keeping them separated and organized.

Custom Packaging For a Small Business


Custom Packaging Ideas For Small Businesses

Canadian custom packaging offers countless benefits to businesses, especially small businesses that can surpass their competitors just by implementing a few customization options. Some of the great benefits of customized packaging include. 

Addition of special characters 

Customized packaging of the products plays a key role in making the brand image dominant in the market. By incorporating the brand’s vision in a storytelling way, or by adding animations, or unique characters to the food boxes or other customized boxes to attract the targeted customers you can encourage them to buy your products repeatedly. That ultimately results in increased sales. 

Clear product Information 

Adding clear information about the product can help in increasing brand value. Properly mentioned information like ingredients, nutritional values, care instructions, expiry dates, and manufacturing dates alongside the allergens and FDA packaging instructions for customer assistance can greatly attract consumers. 

Memorable Unboxing Experience 

Giving a unique packaging experience to the customers like adding surprise elements, easy openings, small gifts, personalised messages, can add a personal touch and make the users feel valued. Moreover, adding scented labels and a thank you note also leaves a positive impact on the customers. In custom packaging for apparel, these special labels can be added to the apparel boxes

How to get started with Custom Packaging for your small business?

We are sure that by now, you have an idea about customized packaging and how important it is to enhance your brand value. Are you wondering what to do next? Well, nothing to worry about. You just need to find your brand values, what message you want to convey to your targeted audience and what is your budget. 

Then, leave the rest to us. We at PCB offer cost-efficient services that can help your brand to get one of the best custom packaging boxes in Canada to jump out in the market. Moreover, if you are still confused our team of experts will assist you in making the best decision for your business 


Custom packaging for small businesses is as important as for any other larger business. Due to modern trends, every product needs premium brand promotion and security packaging. So, for small businesses, custom packaging is very important to help them increase their sales and build loyal customers with their first interaction with the product. 

We have provided all the ways and means to help small businesses for custom packaging Canada to excel in the competitive market. Moreover, PremiumCustomBoxes offers a diverse range of options at any time with our non-stop customer services and fast turnaround times.