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    Custom Eyelash Boxes

    PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca has designed eyelash boxes that give both protection and presentation to your lash extension. Our boxes are crafted with cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid materials that ensure the perfect handling of your product.  We embellish your boxes with advanced printing processes such as offset, digital, and screen printing that give full details of your images and text. Not only this, we give a glamorous touch to your boxes using our finishings such as UV coatings and Aqueous varnishes that give a luxurious touch to the boxes and increase the perceived value of your product.  Our company believes in customer satisfaction which is why we give both high-quality packaging and low rates so you can sell your product with complete protection and maximum profit. 

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    Eyelash extensions have been used for decades to enhance women’s beauty. But this is not the only role of eyelashes, as they also protect our eyes from any kind of irritating particle. But for the protection of your lash extensions, you have to invest in eyelash boxes by PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca. 

    Why are custom boxes necessary and why should you get them from PCB only? Simply because you want to sell your eyelashes with complete protection with economical packaging and without compromising the quality. For such packaging, our company is the best solution. 

    From crafting your personalized eyelash boxes with quality material to decorating the box with premium printing options, we are an expert in our task. So leave all your worries related to your product quality and presentation and contact us to get a quote. 

    Quality Assurance At PCB 

    Quality assurance is one of the key components of our company. Not only in the quality of packaging we assure quality in our services as well so your product remains protected and you remain free of any kind of worry. For custom eyelash boxes, we use the finest quality materials and the most covenant but protective box styles. 

    Choose From The Best Six Materials 

    Your makeup box’s material matters the most when it comes to the quality of packaging which is why we have the option of six different materials for your boxes. You can select any material as per the preference of your brand, the safety requirement of your product, and by keeping in mind your budget. As a customized eyelash boxes wholesale provider we use the following six materials:  

    • Buxboard 
    • Chipboard 
    • Kraft 
    • Cardboard 
    • Corrugation 

    Select Style Of Your Choice

    In addition to the quality of your packaging, you need a box style that can not only give complete protection from external factors to the lashes but also is easy to open and reuse. Considering this we at PCB are giving boxes in multiple styles and some of the styles are mentioned below: 

    • Sleeve boxes
    • Tuck-end boxes 
    • Die-cut window boxes 
    • Boxes in different shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular, and circular
    • These are some of the box-style options that are available to us. We have a huge range of eyelash boxes packaging styles and you can give us your own unique style as well.

    We Assure And Elegant Presentation Of Your Lashes 

    We make sure that your product outshines on the shelves and makes the customers fond of it that is why our company uses different types of printing processes that present your product in an elegant manner and make your custom printed eyelash boxes a branding tool. Our four best printings are as follows: 

    Offset Printing

    Offset printing offers high design quality and gives a precision colour to your required design. It is the best option for intricate designs. It may be a little slower than digital printing but it is economical for large volumes. 

    Digital Printing 

    If you need your custom eyelash boxes with logo in a shorter time then digital printing is the best option. It also gives a decent-quality image or design on your boxes. It is fast but its cost per unit is a little higher than offset so it is not a suitable option for bulk production. 

    Screen Printing 

    For an excellent quality and vibrant coloured design screen printing is suitable. It’s an economical option as its cost per unit is low however it is only suitable when the design of custom eyelash boxes wholesale is simple. 


    Flexography excels in giving quality designs and sharp images with vibrant colours on your packaging however the quality is a little less than offset printing. However, it is also the fastest and is suitable for large production.

    We make sure our clients become fully satisfied with the quality of our services and products which is why we give several other options like add-ons and coatings that make your eyelash packaging wholesale an ideal addition to your brand. 

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    Lash extensions are one of the most preferred products of women but due to their delicate nature, they need protection. For packaging that gives protection along with presentation PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca’s eyelash boxes are at your disposal, get a quote and sell your finest quality product in the finest quality boxes. 

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    Window Patching

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    Soy Vegetable Based Inks

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