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    Custom Candy Boxes

    Candies are small sugary treats made of crystallized sugar syrup that are consumed by children and adults as well. They come in different shapes and flavours. These small treats need candy boxes that protect them from the external environment and keep them fresh for a long time by increasing their shelf life. We at PremiumCustomBoxes.Ca provide you with premium-quality packaging boxes for your candies so that they stay fresh for consumption and maintain their taste. You can add your branding elements like logos, design, and colour themes to follow the latest trends in packaging and create visually appealing custom candy boxes.  By choosing  us you can get the privileges of :
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    Do you want visually appealing boxes for your sweet treats? Candy boxes are delightful and versatile gifts that can bring joy to any occasion. These charming boxes are designed with vibrant colours, intricate designs, and whimsical patterns, making them a visual treat even before the contents are revealed. Crafted from sturdy materials, you can get candy boxes in bulk for your business. These candy boxes come in a variety of sizes, from compact squares to larger rectangular shapes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your sweet treats.

    The boxes we design work as the perfect vessel to showcase your candies or store-bought favourites. The process of assembling a candy box can be a fun and creative activity, allowing you to personalize the gift with ribbons, stickers, or other decorative elements. On special occasions, like Christmas boxes, you can get christmas candy boxes for your special holiday candies. A well-designed candy box elevates the gift-giving experience, transforming a simple confection into a thoughtful and visually appealing present.

    Add A Touch Of Sophistication To Your Candy Boxes

    Candies are small treats that are a symbol of nostalgia and happiness for many people. No matter what age group you belong to, candies are consumed by everyone who is a fan of sweets. These candies bring smiles to the faces of children. Now and then new businesses emerge in the candies sector, introducing a variety of new flavours. This has made the competition fierce in the industry. To maintain and increase the sales and growth of the brand, finding a reactive solution is crucial.

    By adding sophisticated design elements to your custom printed candy boxes, you can create a sense of luxury and exclusivity that captivates your target audience. One effective approach is to go for a minimalist aesthetic, utilizing neutral colours like black, white, and metallic tones to convey a sleek, high-end look. This will make your packaging look visually appealing and attract customers.

    Unique Styles Of Candy Boxes

    Candy boxes canada come in various styles. You can customize it according to your product size and demand so that it perfectly aligns with your brand and attracts customers. These boxes are one of the essential components of the confectionery industry. By exploring these unique box styles, you can easily differentiate your products and also enhance the customer experience, and ultimately drive sales and brand loyalty in the competitive market. 

    • Pillow Boxes
    • Halloween Boxes
    • Gift Boxes
    • Christmas Boxes

    Candy Boxes As A Perfect Marketing Tool

    Does it ever happen that you feel attracted to a certain product and want to purchase it unintentionally? This often happens with many people because of the visually appealing packaging that the manufacturers use for their products. The same strategy is applied to newly launched candies in the market to attract customers and make customers buy them.

    The visually appealing custom candy boxes wholesale act as an excellent marketing tool to display your brand’s logos and designs to create brand awareness among people. You get to customize candy boxes with the designs and logos of your brand so that they align perfectly with your brand’s themes and colours.

    Protection Of Contents With Premium Quality

    The aesthetics and functionality of a packaging box depend on the choice of material. It is necessary to choose from superior quality material to craft your custom candy boxes with logo. If you want to increase the satisfaction caliber of your customers, then make sure that the quality of your boxes fits with the demands of customers. We provide premium quality material for you to choose from so that you can design boxes that give the product and quality you want. 

    • Kraft
    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated
    • Rigid


    Its texture resembles paper. It is made of chemical pulp. Due to its elastic and tear resistance properties, it is best to make personalised packaging boxes canada. You can use it for packaging candies, they will remain safe and remain in pristine condition and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


    Cardboard is mainly made of paper fibers. This material can also be used to design custom bakery boxes. These boxes are sustainable and they will keep your food items safe from the external environment. You can efficiently use it to pack candies, cereal, etc


    Corrugated material is lightweight, durable packaging material which is used to make small candy boxes. It is an affordable packaging material which is used in various industries as packaging boxes.


    It is a sturdy material which is used for making premium packaging boxes like halloween candy boxes. It gives a luxury look to the product and enhances its presentation without compromising on safety.

    Aesthetically Appealing Finishing Touches

    Are you willing to enhance the look of your custom packaging boxes in Canada? You can achieve the desired look for your boxes by choosing from our eye-catching coatings and finishing touches. Whether you want a gloss or matte look for your candies you can attain that at affordable prices. The finishings we offer are as:

    • Anti Scratch Lamination
    • Spot Gloss UV
    • Soft Touch/Silk Lamination 
    • Soft Touch Coating
    • Aqueous Coating

    Custom Packaging At Affordable Prices With PremiumCustomBoxes

    If you are looking for an affordable packaging solution for your product. You are at the right place, we provide cost-effective solutions for your candy boxes so you can achieve what you want even on a small budget. At, our packaging experts will help you from selecting the right packaging material to getting the designs that match the themes and colours of your brand so that your boxes look elegant and give the customers the ultimate unboxing experience. 

    Box Board E Flute

    Crystal White E-Flute

    Kraft E-Flute

    SBS E-Flute







    Foil stamping

    Window Patching

    Full Color Printing

    Inside & Outside Full Printing

    One Color Printing

    PMS Printing


    Natural Brown Kraft


    Metallic Paper

    SBS C2S

    White Kraft

    Black Kraft Paper

    Fluorescent Color Inks

    Oil Based Inks


    Pantone Metallic

    Soy Vegetable Based Inks

    Water Based Inks

    Anti Scratch Lamination

    Aqueous Coating


    Silk Lamination Cards

    Soft Touch Coating

    Spot UV

    Gloss Lamination

    Gloss Varnish

    Matt Lamination

    Matt Varnish

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