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    Custom Muffin Boxes

    Using boxes to display and protect the product is one of the oldest practices done in the market. But to use the boxes as a promotional tool and as a way to get the attention of the customers is a new trend. So if you are selling muffins and want to get muffin boxes with the ability to promote your brand and grab customer attention then PCB.Ca has your back.  We make your boxes with the best quality material, your logo and the most unique and useful packaging styles so that you can instantly make the customer's fan of your muffins. By using boxes with the most premium quality material we make sure that you do not have to worry about the safety aspect of your packaging.

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    Pick Your Muffin Boxes In Different Materials And Unique Styles 

    Unlike cupcakes, muffins do not need much protection as they are with minimal toppings and no frosting at all.  Despite this muffins need to be packed in boxes to give them an elegant and appealing look. And what can be more powerful and appealing than the use of muffin boxes manufactured specifically for your brand? 

    With the perfect and attention-to-detail nature of our company, you can get boxes in any shape and style from us. Our aim is to deliver the perfect packaging boxes in the most affordable and unique style with different types of materials. 

    From individual muffin boxes to boxes for pairs of muffins we are the one-stop solution of brands. Brands get unique styles of boxes with the most durable material in the market from us and deliver their muffins safely. 

    What Different Materials We Are Providing? 

    When compared to cupcakes, muffins are a little less sweet but still, they are highly prone to infestation. Besides this, there are multiple types of muffins such as bread-like muffins, cake-like muffins, muffins made from different types of fruit puree and so on. For all these different types of muffins, you have to use a different type of packaging material so that your baked delights can get customized protection. 

    As a muffin boxes wholesale provider, we understand this challenge of protecting product quality, which is why we are giving different material options for boxes such as: 


    This is our all-natural and organic material that needs minimal printing and very few design elements. This is because Kraft already has a very good naturally brown colour that makes it elegant enough for custom packaging boxes such as boxes for muffins. 


    Cardboard is the most common and somewhat ubiquitous material used to manufacture boxes. We have different varieties of cardboard with which we create muffin boxes packaging as you desire. This material is sturdy and easy to print so it gives a holistic solution for your packaging boxes. 


    Corrugated material is the variable for cardboard material and it has a minimum of three layers. The middle layers are fluted and sandwiched between the two plain layers of cardboard. For high-end as well as economical favour boxes, corrugated material is the best option. 

    We have all these materials in different GSMs so brands can select the material of their choice accordingly. Our papers are available in 150 to 700 GSM and you can let us know what is your preferred choice for your single muffin boxes. 

    Enjoy The Most Amazing Box Styles 

    In addition to the provision of multiple types of box materials, you can get several types of box styles too from PCB.Ca. So leave all the old and conventional ways of packaging boxes and get the most innovative styles from us. Some of the box styles that you can get from us are: 

    • Muffin boxes with handles
    • Gabble muffin packaging 
    • Widow-cut boxes for muffins 
    • Sleeve boxes 
    • Mailer style box

    The above-mentioned are some of the common types that we use for wholesale muffin boxes nonetheless, if you have any other specific box style for your muffins you can let us know and we will manufacture the packaging accordingly. 

    Why Only We? 

    For the custom boxes, all the brands in Canada have a lot of material choices and box styles, so why do we claim to be the best among all? This is because we have more than a decade of experience in box manufacturing. Not only this, we have given multiple incentives to our clients for custom muffin boxes so that they remain among the top bakers in Canada such as: 

    Avoid Overly Priced Packaging

    Custom boxes are more expensive than generic packaging as they have more additional features than the former ones. Nonetheless, by contacting us you can avail marvellous discounts as we have an in-house manufacturing facility due to which we can influence the overall cost of the packaging. 

    Get Relief From Shipping Charges 

    Whether you are getting boxes in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, or any other part of Canada, you can get your boxes at your doorstep without any kind of shipping charges. Regardless of the size and style of boxes, such as mini muffin packaging or tray muffin boxes, we deliver all the types free of cost. 

    Experience A Premium Branding Tool 

    Today branding is of sheer importance to get the attention of the customers and for this, we print your logo with the perfect alignment on the boxes and turn your ordinary cardboard muffin boxes into the most effective branding tool with the ability to constantly promote your brand. 

    Experience The Best Packaging Services! 

    Be the most unique and perfect muffing seller in Canada by getting muffin boxes from PCB.Ca. Our boxes are manufactured with a tailored approach as per the specific needs of the customer so they can get the best packaging experience for us. So book your order of muffin packaging boxes today and experience our services. 

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