As we all know, good clothes are necessary to make yourself presentable. So due to an increase in clothing demand almost every retail shop is stuffed with a wide range of clothes. But, what sets them apart is quality packaging. Like every other product, apparel brands also need competitive packaging to outshine their clothes, accessories, or shoes to enhance their brand image and elevate sales.

To serve this purpose, clothing brands need good packaging solutions that can make their brand a top choice by the customers. So, if you are looking for custom apparel boxes for your clothes, socks, t-shirts, lingerie, tie, or any apparel then you are right here. We at PremiumCustomBoxes provide quality packaging materials that promise sturdy and robust features to keep your precious apparel safe during transit and storage processes. 

Furthermore, with our packaging solutions, you can get high-quality printings and catchy finishing options that can help you build loyal customers. Customization services like the incorporation of your company’s logo and color themes can help your customers easily approach your products in crowded markets.

Let’s explore more about the apparel boxes that can shape your business into a well-recognized brand and create a worthy bond between the customers and the brand. 

Make The First Impression Of Apparel Boxes As The Last 

We often hear that the first impression is the last one. The same approach goes for packaging products. Well-presented packaging boxes always create a positive impact on the customers. Meanwhile, for apparel packaging, it is necessary to place them in quality boxes to make them highlighted in the market. 

So, get custom apparel boxes with bold colors and features to create a sense of excitement and joy in the customers that can persuade them to buy your products even for future purchases. 

The Perfect Fit – Custom Apparel Boxes To Make Your Brand One Stop For All

Apparels are not only limited to the clothing brand but also include various accessories and shoe brands. We often get our dresses with matching socks & shoe pairs and accessories like belts or jewelry at one store. For this purpose, the packaging company also offers a diverse range of custom packaging boxes along your clothes, giving you a luxury experience. 

While shopping all you want is a cool and comfortable experience, most clothing brands are now providing complete outfits and accessories alongside shoe pairs to eliminate the hassle of going from one shop to another. Likewise, our manufacturing company provides a variety of customized boxes that can fit in your apparel brand products. Given below are the packaging solutions for various categories of your apparel boxes wholesale 

1. Customized Socks Boxes 

Like other clothing products, socks also need proper packaging to make them worthy and presentable. Moreover, these days socks are not just average clothing material but they display your personality as well. Ever thought about wearing socks that do not go well with your outfit? 

So, to keep your socks in fashion, we offer custom socks boxes to make them look different from others. With our unique custom socks packaging, your brand can make a well-recognized image in the market. 

socks boxes

2. Shoe Boxes Packaging 

Just like socks, it is also necessary to go with the perfect shoe pair when buying a dress. Shoes play a pivotal role in making us look sophisticated and modern. So, to keep your designer shoes safe and presentable one must need perfect packaging. Our company offers countless options for custom shoe boxes to keep them secure for later use. 

Moreover, our packaging not only ensures the protection of your delicate shoes but also makes the shoe boxes wholesale, branding elements that can showcase your brand identity. 

shoe boxes

3. Custom Belt Boxes 

We provide packaging solutions for products that are considered not important or worth packaging. But,  with our customized Belt Boxes, you can represent your accessory belts in style. Our different design styles can help your apparel brand with all its necessary products to jump out in the market. With custom printed belt boxes, you can get your boxes to leave a memorable effect on customers. 

belt boxes

 Showcase Your Business with Custom Apparel Packaging

Apparel packaging can greatly shape you into a top-notch brand by giving the customers a unique experience. You can get customized boxes that can be tailored according to your products and business requirements.

With distinct box design styles, you can create a memorable and touching unboxing experience. These differently styled boxes are easy to open and reseal. Our box styles for custom apparel packaging include the following. 

  1. Sleeve Boxes 
  2. Tuck End Boxes 
  3. Flip Top Boxes 
  4. Window Boxes 
  5. Pillow Boxes 
  6. Two-piece Boxes 

Get Customised Apparel Boxes To Make A Difference

With custom packaging boxes, you can let your sales skyrocket and your brand make noise in the crowded markets. With our broad customization options, you can get a complete look at your packaging boxes leaving behind the traditional generic boxes with no names or information. 

Our team offers endless ideas and professional opinions for your brand to jump out. The customization services for custom apparel packaging include the addition of the company’s logo, and product information like care instructions, fabric details, and sizes. 

Moreover, due to the variety of the clothes and the changing seasons, the apparel boxes can be customized according to weather and off-sales that are an excellent way to get customers ‘ attention. By mentioning discounted prices on the apparel packaging boxes you can drastically increase your revenue. 

Apart from these, the printed apparel boxes can also be customized by adding a specialized thank you note, a scented label, or limited-edition mentioned in the packaging can make the customers feel valued. 

Custom Apparel Boxes in Canada

Eco-Friendly Packaging Apparel Boxes  Material

The durable materials make the packaging lasting and suitable for various customization options like printing and finishing. Our materials offer sustainability and sturdy features that can keep your apparel safe and secure during transit and storage. 

The materials include Kraft Paper, Corrugated, Cardboard, and Rigid materials depending on the needs of the products. So, for custom boxes Canada, you can get premium quality materials at the most cost-efficient prices that highly fit your brand’s budget. 

Full Color Printing Options To Meet Your Packaging Goals 

Our packaging company manufactures premium boxes with high-quality printings. With our water-based inks and trendy color schemes of CMYK & PMS, you can get eye-catching custom boxes in Canada that leave a remarkable impact on your customers. For custom printed apparel boxes the following picks can be opted. 

  1. Offset Printing 
  2. Digital Printing 
  3. Flexography 
  4. UV Printing 

Create The Alluring Add-Ons And Finishing For Your Luxurious Packaging Box 

The enhanced finishing and embellishments are added not only for customized boxes for well-known brands but also for the custom packaging boxes of small businesses. We offer different coatings and additions to the customized boxes that can give them a classy look. Given below are the top picks for packaging boxes. 

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matt Lamination
  • Hot Foil
  • Hot Foil Embossing
  • Spot UV
  • Ribbon Closure
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Magnetic Closing
  • Inserts
  • Shoulder Section
  • Dividers 

Wrap Up! 

Custom Apparel Boxes are highly beneficial not only for clothing businesses but also for shoe and accessory brands because they go hand in hand to meet the customer’s needs. We have covered all the necessary concerns that can be helpful for your apparel packaging boxes. We hope you got an idea about the innovations in the packaging industry and how they can make your apparel brand a preferred choice in the market.