With the ever-increasing competition among brands and the urge to remain popular, businesses adopt various modes to highlight their presence in the market and the use of packaging is one of the modes. Because the presentation of the product matters the most, well-crafted and presented Custom Boxes can automatically grab customers’ attention and motivate them to buy your product. 

Custom Boxes are highly important for any small or large business from jewelry packaging to electronics and even larger or heavier products, everything demands perfect packaging to make them a preferred choice in the market. So, if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking for packaging solutions. PremiumCustomBoxes is your one-stop for every little thing you need to know about custom packaging. 

We provide high-quality materials that ensure the safety of the products. Our eco-friendly material offers durability and sustainability features that promise a longer shelf life of the product. Moreover, Our company provides innovative printing techniques and enticing finishes alongside fascinating add-ons that can make your product appealing in the crowded shelves of the market. So, if you are looking for broad customization options for your products or ways & means to elevate your brand image in Canada then we are here to assist you. Let’s delve into the details of our services that can help you achieve your desired business goals and customized packaging. 

Importance of Custom Packaging Boxes in Today’s Market 

Besides protecting the boxes, custom packaging is an important branding tool that can take your brand to the new grounds of success. Custom packaging with your brand’s logo, images, information, and colour palette can make your brand stand above and beyond the competitors. A few of the key factors of custom packaging in this modern era include the following.

Strengths Brand Identity 

A product with nameless packaging or without packaging always gets lost in the marketplace and nobody wants them. However, a properly named and presented box can make your products worthy and dominant in the retailer’s shops. So, custom boxes with logo, product information, and brand colours can build loyal customers and brand identity. 

Unique Unboxing Experience 

Perfect packaging creates a lasting impression on the customers and a memorable unboxing experience can be highly beneficial for the brand. The customers share their experience through online platforms thus increasing the brand value and sales. 

Sustainable Packaging 

These custom-packaging boxes are made with eco-friendly material which is a plus point for environmentally conscious people. This way you can win customer satisfaction and trust. That can ultimately increase your company’s worth. 

Choose Right Packaging Material – A Balancing Act 

Selecting a quality material for packaging is the primary step in making a trustworthy brand image. We provide premium materials from eco-friendly kraft to standard cardboard materials that ensure the protection of the product during shipping and storage processes. Here is the wide range of materials you can choose according to your product requirements. 


Kraft material is an earth-friendly material that is unbleached and comes in a natural brown colour with a rustic appearance. It provides strength and security to the products and is widely used by many businesses. Kraft material is also breathable and offers various printing and finishing options. This is perfect for custom packaging of food boxes, shoe boxes and cosmetics. 


Corrugated boxes offer more strength than kraft and they come in three layers with a fluted layer in between for additional support and cushioning to the products. This material also offers various printing and finishing options. Corrugated material packaging is designed to tolerate pressure and outer environmental conditions during transit and storage. You can use this material for shipping fragile items, electronics, or appliances. 


Cardboard material is another quality material that provides robust and sturdy packaging boxes. These boxes also secure the products from any breakage. Moreover, this packaging material is also best for foods to maintain their nutritional values, cosmetics, apparel, gifts, t-shirts, and anything that requires smooth packaging with appealing printing and finishing. 


The rigid material is the strongest material that can withstand extreme pressure and safeguard the products. This material is also best for printing and finishing. Rigid material is best for glassware, perfumes, or other delicate items that are prone to breakage. 

Distinct Custom Box Designs 

Different box styles and designs can make your customized packaging boxes appealing and highlighted in crowded markets. We offer a wide variety of personalized boxes that can be designed according to the size and dimensions of your product. These box styles offer easy handling and assembly of the products leaving a positive impact on the customers. Our box styles include the following:

  1. Tuck End Boxes 
  2. Flip Top Boxes 
  3. Handle Boxes 
  4. Gable Boxes 
  5. Pillow Boxes 
  6. Window Boxes 
  7. Sleeve Boxes 
  8. Two-piece Boxes 
  9. Rigid Boxes 

We also offer these unique styles for custom boxes for small business and large brands at affordable costs. These styles highly grab customers’ attention resulting in enhanced sales. 

Custom Boxes wholesale rate in canada

Modern Printing Techniques for Custom Packaging 

With our advanced printing techniques, you can stand above the competitors in Canada. Our quality printings can make your product visible and catchy. We provide pre & post-printing coatings that can give a more professional and smooth look to your products. The pre-printing technique prevents the materials from scratching and prepares them for printing. However, post-printing is done to prevent the printings from fading away and give a sheen look to the packaging box. We use quality inks that make your printings attractive. Our inks include Solvent Inks, Water Inks, Oil Based Inks, and UV Inks. Furthermore, custom printed retail boxes include the following printing procedures. 

Digital Printing 

This is the fastest and most economical printing technique that requires less set-up costs. But the printing colour fades away after some time. This is perfect for personalized items and short turnaround times. 

Offset Printing 

One of the most high-quality printing techniques perfect for custom boxes wholesale printing. This method needs a setup time and provides consistent colours and fine details. This is also called lithography printing uses a PMS colour system that gives excellent printing results.  


This technique includes flexible printing plates on different types of materials such as cardboard, corrugated, and any other materials. This is a fast method with quality printing. 

Screen printing 

Screen Printing also called Silkscreen Printing is an effective printing technique in which ink is forced through a mesh screen onto the surface. We offer these methods to create bold canvases, posters, and artwork.   

Fascinating Finishing & Add Ons 

This is the last step in making the custom packaging boxes luxurious and captivating. These coatings can make your brand stand out among competitors. Moreover, our avant-garde finishing options are suitable for every type of packaging box including custom retail boxes to food boxes, jewellery, and any other box according to your product. Besides, an eye-catching look these finishes protect from environmental factors like heat, moisture, and abrasions. Our services include the given options that can be selected for custom packaging boxes. 

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matt Lamination
  • Varnish Coating
  • Hot Foil
  • Hot Foil Embossing
  • Spot UV coating 
  • Ribbon Closure
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Magnetic Closing
  • Inserts
  • Shoulder Section
  • Dividers 
  • Silver & Gold Foiling 
  • Metallic Foil Stamping 
  • Holographic Stamp Foiling 


For Custom boxes Canada, presentation is equally important as the safety of the product because both go hand in hand. If the quality of the product or packaging lowers it will automatically lower your company’s image.  So, customized boxes with sturdy materials and attractive printings alongside the finishes and add-ons can make your products and brand reliable in the marketplaces. You can get all the exceptional services at reasonable rates at our company as well.