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    Custom 3D Hologram Stickers

    Custom 3D Hologram Stickers by PCB are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your products while also enhancing their appearance. These high-quality stickers are made with the latest technology and can be customized to fit your unique branding needs. Our 3D Hologram Stickers are made with durable materials that can withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for long-term use. They also have a tamper-evident feature, which means they cannot be easily removed or tampered with, providing an extra layer of security for your products. The stickers come in various sizes and shapes, making them versatile and suitable for use on various products and surfaces. They also have a stunning holographic effect that catches the eye and adds a touch of elegance to your products. With our Custom Hologram Stickers, you can rest assured that your products are well-protected and visually appealing. Place your order today and experience the difference they can make to your branding and product protection.

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    Manufacturing of Custom 3D Hologram Stickers

    Excellent making of custom hologram stickers are reducing the occurrence of theft with passing years. Due to its self-destructive texture the sealing of the packaging using custom 3d hologram stickers cannot be unsealed again. Otherwise, your product will lose its authenticity or considered as a used one. However, using normal stickers for sealing can be removed or replaced again very neatly that client would never know if they are getting a new product or a theft one. Here is how the process of custom hologram stickers gets done.

    Custom Hologram Stickers Material

    Catering all type of businesses, we offer variety of material for manufacturing custom hologram stickers. Client can choose any material according to what their product requires.

    PET: PET stickers are not common yet very ideal for sealing purpose. It has very thin layer than even through scratching you cannot easily remove the sticker. These stickers are heat resistant and can last very long. You can paint the PET stickers according to your need.

    Vinyl: These stickers come with white or transparent background. It resists outdoor damage and provide bubble free surface after applying. You may get Vinyl stickers in either glossy texture or matte.

    Polypropylene: Is a type of material used to make stickers more durable, water resistant and tear proof. These stickers are suitable for dye ink printing (used for indoor purposes as it not water proof), eco- solvent printing (used for outdoor purposes) and pigment ink printing (highly water resistant).

    PVC: These stickers are contained with plastic fabric also called PVC. It has a high durability but are little thicker than vinyl. Due to which it resists water, sunlight, heat and moisture to have any impact and are very economical.

    Epoxy: These stickers have a plastic sheet coating on top and are placed on creative collages or on any image.

    ABS:   Again, a plastic fabricated sticker known as ABS. These stickers are installed on clean surface and cannot stay stick if the surface is bumpy and rough.

    Metallic Labels: It is used for having a high-resolution print in full color. You get a sleek type look when it is installed. These labels are water resistant.

    Copper: These stickers are made with foil sheets. It is designed in geometrical pattern and can be highly water resistant. You can easily install these stickers anywhere but make sure to have a clean surface.


    Type of Custom Hologram Stickers

    The custom holographic stickers have various type. All these types provide an impressive look and a great amount of benefit to the product. PCB offers a variety of custom hologram stickers which are mentioned below.

    1. Tamper Hologram: The tamper hologram stickers are used for product identification and promotional activities of the product. These stickers are attractive so they can attract customers.
    2. Instant Hologram: The instant hologram is the easiest to produce, these stickers can be designed in bulk on urgent basis. However, the quality of the stickers remains uncompromised.
    3. Advanced Hologram Label: The advanced hologram labels are designed for promotional purpose as these stickers are designed using the high-quality of material and impeccable printing which can be altered in different colour patterns and even in multi coloured design according to the client’s demand.
    4. Transparent Hologram: Another type of hologram sticker is transparent hologram. The transparent hologram stickers are not only produced using the high-quality material but, lamination. The lamination coat provided to the stickers improved the stickiness making it harder for the product to be stolen.
    5. Inkjet Printed Holograms:  The inkjet labels not only provide the protection to the product but are also used for keeping a track for the products. These stickers are designed with intricacy thus, the text written on these stickers is hard to see and is only visible at a specific angle under the white source light.
    6. Laser Marked Hologram: The laser marked holograms provide protection against the counterfeit products and help in keeping the track of product labels. These stickers are designed using laser marking technique.
    7. Overprinted Hologram: The overprinted holograms are widely used by brands as these labels not only provide security against product damage and counterfeit but, it also helps in creating brand reputation and high perceived value in customer’s mind. The overprinted hologram stickers are manufactured using finest quality of material and two best printing techniques; screen printing and rotogravure.
    8. Custom Hologram Stickers with Barcode: The custom hologram stickers with barcode provide the manufacturer to keep track of every item and electronically maintain record for every item that is sold and still available in the warehouse.


    Custom Hologram Stickers Shape and Size

    To make your product packaging appealing yet secure use PCB’s special custom hologram stickers. These stickers can be designed in any geometrical cut-out shape according to what you and your product demands. Whether you want a rectangle, square, round corner, circle or oval PCB can manufacture these beautiful stickers in any. If you want your sticker to be unique like your product then design your custom hologram stickers with the help of our experts in any size or shape you desire.

    Custom Hologram Stickers Printing Machine

    Hologram printing machine is used to print these stickers. The whole process is divided into three layers. Each layer contains either a brand’s logo or any short codes to protect it from being copied. Different designing software are used to design all 3 layers which afterwards are converted into the final image. The printing techniques used for the custom hologram stickers are mentioned below.

    1. Holographic Stock: The holographic stock press is used to print labels in bulk within a short time period. This technique uses pressure holographic sensitive film or paper for printing.
    2. Cold Foil Stamping: The cold foil stamping offers a more design freedom in comparison to the holographic stock press. The cold foil stamping is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the holographic foil is applied to the film or a glossy paper. Depending on your design in the second phase the holographic oil is applied over the base film or paper to give a pattern look to the sticker.

    Custom Hologram Stickers Market

     Whether you own a pharmaceutical company or produce IT products our custom hologram stickers are suitable for all. The high-quality material, different shapes, type, and size used for the manufacturing of these stickers prevents many issues regarding safety of the product and the brand itself. These stickers provide various benefits to the product such as promotion.  The holographic stickers use is not limited to any particular industry these stickers are widely used across all the sectors.

    Custom Hologram Stickers Usage

    Since the market of custom hologram stickers is unlimited, the usage of the stickers is also wide. With the growing competition in the market companies are now trying their best to secure their product and brand reputation from replicas. Henceforth, many companies are now using the custom hologram stickers. Below listed are some of the uses of these stickers.

    1. Shipping Labels: Crafting of these custom hologram stickers are strongly adhesive for outdoor purposes. While transferring the product from one place to another there is a high probability of counterfeits to happen; These labels also help to distinguish your shipment box easily among the others. Due to these reasons it is widely used for delivering any gift packages or ecommerce shipments.
    2. Bottled Beverages: From liquid beverages to all dry beverage bottles we provide custom hologram stickers with transparent background or in any color. Which labels the brand logo and product details for high brand recognition.
    3. Medicines: Pharmacies must need to buy sealing stickers for medicines to make it not harmful. It may have dangerous side effects if someone traps any pharmacy by replacing new injection with used ones or any drug items. So, installing these custom hologram stickers will keep the product and its related industries saved from being trapped by anyone.
    4. Custom Labeling: If you may not find your purpose to adopt our custom hologram stickers, we will facilitate you under custom labeling where you can define your criteria and make it custom made for your in-demand product.

    Price of Custom Hologram Stickers Per Unit

    From small businesses to big giant companies everyone wants to save their product and brand name.  Capturing the big market, PCB provide them custom hologram stickers in the most affordable price range. Our price starts with $0.10 to 0.50 per sticker. Excluding all the additional charges of customization we offer wholesale packages for bulk orders. Or even for small orders our free shipment policy across USA and Canada satisfies those clients. As for the other regions, our price is at lowest. With all the cost cutting and feasibility the quality of our product remains unchanged.

    PCB Your First Choice

    In the huge market where every business strives to have more opportunities than other. You must opt for the suppliers who have been successfully rendering their services to many. And fortunately, PCB is one of the best suppliers of custom hologram stickers. Keeping in mind of the quantity we do provide custom hologram stickers in wholesale as well. Our skillful machines are already timed to produce both large and small orders. So do not make it a big deal and let us be your partner. Our team assures you to provide long-term services with the best rates and finest quality. Choose a desired type shape and color that can go in contrast with the product. Also provide us your logo or any short codes you want to add. Our artists will present you very uniquely crafted custom hologram stickers and you will love installing those to your product. These flat surfaced stickers will delight your customer with its 3D visuality

    How To Subscribe!

    By subscribing to our website, you can avail these tempting custom hologram stickers for your product. Moreover, dispatching team at PCB will satisfy you with their fastest delivery system globally. For economical pricing policy we provide free shipment services. Here we get you your own analyst team, production experts and graphic designers to invest their ideas for planning your custom hologram stickers Don’t think more. Click the subscribe button and get the benefit of flawless product, value added services, and fast turnaround time at the affordable rate. Avoid from being trapped and order the custom hologram stickers today.

    Superior Customizability

    The versatility of our hologram stickers lies in the myriad customization options available. From incorporating your company logo, text, and color scheme to choosing the size and shape of the stickers, we tailor every aspect to align with your branding. Our expert design team will collaborate with you to create a stunning holographic representation of your brand, ensuring that each sticker is a reflection of your brand’s unique identity.

    Adaptable to Various Surfaces

    PCB’s Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are designed to adhere securely to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, and more. Whether you’re applying them to packaging, electronic devices, official documents, or merchandise, our stickers maintain their high-quality holographic effect and steadfast grip.

    Eco-friendly Production

    We recognize our responsibility towards the environment, and we’re proud to say that our hologram stickers are produced using eco-friendly processes. This allows you to enhance your brand’s visual appeal and security while also making an environmentally conscious choice.

    Efficient Order and Delivery Process

    We strive to make the ordering and delivery process as seamless as possible. After finalizing your custom design, our team will provide a digital proof for your approval. Upon confirmation, we ensure a swift production turnaround and timely delivery, no matter where you’re located in the USA.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to answer any queries, provide assistance with your custom designs, and ensure a smooth ordering process. With PCB, you’re guaranteed a service experience that matches the superior quality of our products.


    Premium Custom Boxes stands tall as the best supplier of Custom 3D Hologram Stickers in the USA. Our stickers are more than just a branding tool; they are a testament to your commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. Trust PCB to add that magical touch of holographic charm to your branding while ensuring optimum security against counterfeiting. Illuminate your brand with our dazzling holographic stickers and experience the incredible blend of artistry and technology that sets us apart.

    Quality of Custom 3D Hologram Stickers at PCB


    High Quality 3D Scratch Off Hologram Stickers:

    Scratch off stickers has security, anti-transmittance, anti-theft code, one-time use, confidentiality. The high quality of 3D scratch off hologram stickers are made up of permanent/one time used/void/honeycomb destroyed /custom destroyed material. Oftenly used in phone cards, delta cards, game cards, stored value cards and others. Our custom hologram stickers can be customized to any specifications and patterns.

    3D High Quality Holographic Label Hologram Stickers:

    We are highly significant in offering a wide assortment of 3D high quality holographic label hologram stickers. Various alphabetical and numeral are incorporated in this type of holograms in which alphanumeric sequence numbering on holograms significantly enhances the security and provides ease of tracking. Our wide array of the custom hologram stickers can be tampered proof or can be even invisible under the normal viewing condition.

    Custom 3D Hologram Stickers:

    Design your high security custom hologram stickers at PCB, including the materials, designs, colors, stickers size, the letter and logo on sticker and so on. Our custom 3D hologram stickers are of best quality, price and service according to your orders.

    Custom Security Hologram 3D Stickers:

    It is dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest-level security for products, packaging, and documents. Our tamper-evident custom security hologram 3D stickers provide security, authentication and protection against spurious. At PCB, our manufacturing processes utilize the latest security technologies and techniques, making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents protected by our uniquely designed custom hologram stickers.

    3D Hologram Printing Stickers:

    Turn your vision into a 3D hologram printing sticker. Our custom hologram stickers use the same printing media as any other holographic products. We also impart printing services as per your requirements.

    Types of Custom Hologram Stickers


    Custom Security Hologram Stickers:

    Protect your products and prevent replication of projects and documents from potential counterfeiters with our high-quality custom security hologram stickers. As a customization we will overprint sequential serial numbers, logo, or text. You can also choose any combination of prints in the same color. logo & numbers, logo & text, numbers & text, or logo, text & numbers all on one custom hologram sticker!

    Custom Transparent Hologram Stickers:

    These are typically used for identification credentials. Transparent hologram stickers protect critical information from alterations by applying the hologram sticker over the data you want to protect (photos, date of birth, signatures, etc.). We create custom hologram stickers depending on your requirements.

    Custom Hologram Overlay Stickers:

    The custom hologram overlay stickers are designed to protect and secure your ID Cards. They feature tamper-evident adhesive and a variety of designs and sizes. We can also produce custom hologram stickers according to your requirement, description, high strength adhesive, excellent quality and unique eye-catching design at competitive price.

    Custom Logo Hologram Stickers:

    All custom hologram stickers we create for our clients are customizable, where we emboss and design for you custom logo hologram stickers according to your specifications. We believe your custom logo hologram stickers can offer security, branding and beauty at the same time.

    Custom Hologram Security Stickers:

    To provide security in print is our aim. Our possibility to protect the product or service from the devastating effects of counterfeiting and fraud by the use of custom hologram security stickers. These type of custom hologram stickers being self-adhesive tamper-evident security are reducing the occurrence of theft with passing years.

    Custom Tamper Hologram Stickers:

    Do you need to protect your products from fraud and shrinkage? We have a perfect solution that will protect your bottom line without busting your budget. Try out our custom tamper hologram stickers. These custom hologram stickers come in different stock, shapes, sizes and may be imprinted with text or serial numbering. They may also be ordered blank, with no text or numbering, for those locations where you just want the holographic image.

    Custom Holographic Vinyl Stickers:

    Our custom hologram stickers are printed in rich, full color applications to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant. Our unique design adds style to your products and are ideal for labelling high quality good. These holographic vinyl stickers cut to a specific shape with a masking material on top to make application easier.

    Custom Hologram Stickers for ID Cards:

    PCB also provides you with one of a type custom hologram sticker that is a cost-effective and adds security to your already printed ID cards. These custom hologram stickers for ID cards are self-adhesive stickers and over-laminates offer an affordable way to increase the security and durability of your ID cards without the need for a laminating printer.

    Scratch off Original Holographic Label Stickers:

    The scratch off original holographic label stickers act as an opaque protection layer to protect sensitive data and provide evidence of tampering. The data is secured with our custom hologram stickers until it is removed. Crafted with high-quality materials like gray coating, laser friendly coating, black coating, wave coating.

    Scratch off Anti-Counterfeiting Hologram Sticker:

    Widely used to cover pin codes for credit cards, mobile cards, discount coupons, password, etc. The scratch off anti-counterfeiting hologram stickers are used for security purposes. Our custom hologram stickers are designed specifically to provide protection to your product and confidential documents.


    Printing of Hologram Stickers at PCB


    Custom Print Hologram Label:

    At PCB, we print absolutely creative options for you, with our latest technologies and printing machines. These custom print holographic labels are eye catching, beautiful and bold. All ready to protect and enhance your product both at the same time! Grab our custom hologram stickers for your product,

    Custom Printed Hologram Stickers:

    Printing of custom hologram stickers is a difficult process, to do this we have special equipments and a skilled team. Custom printed hologram stickers are mostly used for security purpose. These stickers are printed in various designs and patterns and even printed according to your demands.

    Custom Hologram Printing:

    It is extremely important that everything is carefully controlled throughout the custom hologram printing process. Its manufacturing is commonly done by using a variety of laser types, including ruby, helium-cadmium and krypton-argon ion. Our custom hologram stickers are designed with intricacy to protect your product.

    Custom Hologram Sticker Printing:

    Printing on custom hologram stickers are very difficult to forge because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized and advanced technology equipment. At PCB we provide different types of custom hologram sticker printing. Our printing can be done using the materials like, permanent/one time used/void/honeycomb destroyed /custom destroyed material on sheets or sticker rolls. Fully customizable according to your specifications.


    Custom Hologram Stickers Online:

    Looking for top quality custom hologram stickers at competitive price and good services? Good news for you! Here we provide specialty because we provide you with the best. Browse through our category defining custom hologram stickers online in a simple, secure, and faster way. As there is a wide range of custom hologram sticker available online on the platform of PCB.


    Custom Hologram Stickers:

    Nowadays, many businesses are adopting custom hologram stickers to ensure anti-counterfeiting and others frauds and damages function. We always try to keep up with the market by upgrading and improving our custom hologram stickers and labels for different packaging application. At PCB, there are full tamper evident sticker, partial tamper-evident sticker, transparent sticker, and other hologram stickers.

    Custom Made Hologram Stickers:

    Each of our custom hologram sticker is designed to directly integrate your brand and text into the hologram image itself. We create 100% custom made hologram stickers which are tamper evident and anti-counterfeit.

    Personalized Hologram Stickers:

    The custom hologram stickers truly complement your packaging, products and events, in a very alluring way. Using our personalized hologram stickers, you can add customer’s information such as logos, text and number by simply printing it on top of the generic hologram, making it quite convenient and versatile.


    Hologram Stickers Custom Made:

    Magnificent making of custom hologram stickers are reducing the occurrence of theft with passing years. Due to its self-destructive texture the sealing of the packaging using hologram stickers custom made your confidential object remains secure.


    Custom Hologram:

    Provides high security. In addition, the custom hologram improves the shelf appeal and image of your product. A custom hologram sticker origination has the image and graphics embedded in the hologram image.

    Custom Holographic Stickers:

    A fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Apart from that these custom homographic stickers are perfectly designed to secure your packaging and products from different types of damages. By using holographic effects we enhance existing designs. Let us know about your requirements, we’ll create a custom hologram sticker that’s cut to your specifications.


    Custom Hologram Sticker:

    The iridescent or rainbow color effect on this holographic material gives your sticker a hallucinating look. These custom hologram stickers can be used for just about any purpose, for example popping up a company logo or for different security purpose. Choose which ever colors you want metallic or to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep them opaque.

    Make Custom Hologram Stickers:

    We have a design team to make custom hologram stickers. Also, we ensure product quality and materials. Customization can be done in accordance with your specifications. Grab your favourite design of custom hologram sticker and protect your company’s reputation.

    Purchasing of Custom Hologram Stickers at PCB


    Custom Hologram Sticker Wholesale:

    PCB is one of the best suppliers of custom hologram stickers. In the orders of bulk purchases and keeping in mind of the quantity we do provide custom hologram stickers wholesale as well. It is both very cost-effective and time saving at the same time. Our skillful team and machines are ready to produce both large and small orders. So do not think so much and place your order!


    Cheap Custom Hologram Stickers:

    These cheap custom hologram stickers are supplied in wholesale or lesser in price and affordable for size of business whether small or big. The custom hologram stickers are of various patterns ranging from dots, squares, cracked ice, rainbow, pillars of light, snowflakes, swirls, etc.


    Buy Custom Hologram Stickers:

    In the vast market where every business strives to have more opportunities. You must opt for the suppliers who have been successfully rendering their services to many. And fortunately, PCB is one of the best suppliers for you to buy custom hologram stickers. Avail many benefits like special discount, customization and so on by ordering custom hologram stickers with us.


    Order Custom Hologram Stickers:

    Avail all our facilities at affordable price rates by ordering from us. We offer you a custom plan package through which you can make alterations to your custom hologram stickers. Our shipment policies are very flexible and yet provide you ease to customize your delivery time. The standard duration we take to deliver your order is 5 to 7 business days at a low rate for regions and free shipment in US and Canada. The 24/7 helpline is always at your service, so contact us and place you order for custom hologram stickers now!

    Q: What are Custom 3D Hologram Stickers?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are adhesive labels that use holographic technology to create a three-dimensional image or design. When viewed from different angles, the holographic image appears to change or move. These stickers are customizable and can include specific images, logos, text, or other design elements to meet a brand’s requirements.

    Q: How can Custom 3D Hologram Stickers be used for brand promotion?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers can be a creative and eye-catching way to promote a brand. They can be affixed to product packaging, promotional materials, or the products themselves. Their unique appearance can enhance brand visibility and memorability, as well as convey a sense of innovation or premium quality.

    Q: What industries commonly use Custom 3D Hologram Stickers?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are commonly used in a variety of industries, including electronics, cosmetics, fashion, entertainment, and pharmaceuticals. They are also widely used in event ticketing and in the security sector, as they can serve as anti-counterfeiting measures due to their complexity and difficulty to replicate.

    Q: Can Custom 3D Hologram Stickers help prevent counterfeiting?

    A: Yes, one of the key uses of Custom 3D Hologram Stickers is to help prevent counterfeiting. These stickers are difficult to reproduce without specialized equipment, making them an effective security measure. They can be designed with unique features or identifiers that are difficult to replicate, further enhancing their anti-counterfeiting properties.

    Q: How are the designs for Custom 3D Hologram Stickers created?

    A: The designs for Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are usually created digitally using computer software. The design process involves layering multiple images or patterns and encoding them onto a holographic film using specialized equipment. This complex process can create a variety of visual effects, such as movement, flipping, zooming, or morphing.

    Q: What customization options are available for Custom 3D Hologram Stickers?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers can be tailored in many ways. You can customize the size, shape, color, and design of the sticker. Some providers may also allow you to choose specific holographic effects, such as parallax, depth, or animation. Additionally, you can often choose whether the sticker is tamper-evident, leaving a residue or pattern if someone tries to remove it.

    Q: How durable are Custom 3D Hologram Stickers?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are typically quite durable. They are often made from materials like polyester or vinyl that can withstand handling, abrasion, and exposure to moisture or UV light. However, the specific durability may depend on the sticker’s construction and the conditions it’s exposed to.

    Q: How do I apply Custom 3D Hologram Stickers to my product or packaging?

    A: Custom 3D Hologram Stickers are usually self-adhesive and can be applied like any other sticker. It’s important to apply them to a clean, dry, and flat surface for best adhesion. Some stickers may require pressure or heat to adhere properly, so be sure to follow any provided application instructions.

    Q: Can I order Custom 3D Hologram Stickers in small quantities?

    A: The minimum order quantity for Custom 3D Hologram Stickers can vary based on the specific provider. Some companies may allow for small orders, while others may require a larger minimum order due to the complex production process. It’s always best to check with your chosen supplier about their order policies.

    Q: How long does it take to produce Custom 3D Hologram Stickers?

    A: The production time for Custom 3D Hologram Stickers can depend on the complexity of your design, the quantity of stickers you’re ordering, and the specific policies of the manufacturer. Typically, the process could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, so it’s best to discuss timelines with your supplier.

    Q: Do I have to provide the design?

    Customers need to provide the artwork or illustration of their company and, we will provide free design assistance to every customer.

    Q: Can I get a Quotation for my boxes?

    You can get a free quotation for your brand. You have to submit the dimension, quantity and other specifications regarding your order and, we will create packaging solutions according to your preferences.

    Q: What is the shipping cost of custom boxes?

    There is no shipping cost for the entire North America. You can get your order at your doorstep without paying extra shipping charges.

    Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

    Free samples are available at the order of $4000. The cost of a generic one is $9. The sample charges for every unique design is different. We have to put the setup from scratch for every unique product. So the sample charges are higher for the different designs as compare to the generic ones.

    Q: What type of stock is used for manufacturing custom packaging boxes?

    We have top quality material for the manufacturing of custom packaging boxes. The options are corrugated, Kraft cardstock, rigid stock, bux board and cardboard. Printing stock varieties include 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb. The material is easy to assemble. White cardboard and Kraft stock is biodegradable. It will not cause any harm to the product or the environment. Customers can easily recycle it to reduce litter and pollution.

    Q: What add-on choices do PCB provide?

    There are unlimited add-ons that we offer to our valuable customers. These options include,

    • Foilings (Gold, Silver, Pearl etc.)
    • Cut out windows with or without PVC sheet
    • Spot UV technique
    • Laminations (gloss and matt)
    • Strings (inserted, non-inserted).

    The string types include black lock, black elastic, jute variety of colours like black, white etc.

    Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

    We provide not less than 100 boxes to the customers.

    Q: Why choose PCB as the first option for packaging?

    Our motto is to provide quality material to our customers. The use of top-quality machinery and modern techniques make our products stand out among the competitors. International standard shipment policies and secure delivery of products make us remarkable and trustworthy among our customers.

    Box Board E Flute

    Crystal White E-Flute

    Kraft E-Flute

    SBS E-Flute







    Foil stamping

    Window Patching

    Full Color Printing

    Inside & Outside Full Printing

    One Color Printing

    PMS Printing


    Natural Brown Kraft


    Metallic Paper

    SBS C2S

    White Kraft

    Black Kraft Paper

    Fluorescent Color Inks

    Oil Based Inks


    Pantone Metallic

    Soy Vegetable Based Inks

    Water Based Inks

    Anti Scratch Lamination

    Aqueous Coating


    Silk Lamination Cards

    Soft Touch Coating

    Spot UV

    Gloss Lamination

    Gloss Varnish

    Matt Lamination

    Matt Varnish

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